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Monsoon Madness : Mountain Biking from Rajgad to Torna fort

Price: $44.00 /per person

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Aim: Cycling in lush monsoons: Pune -> Rajgad Fort -> Torna Fort -> Pune

Difficulty: moderate - tough, given you can pedal for 10 hours a day for 3 continuous days.Have to carry your cycles at various points

Exploratory style - be prepared for anything and everything, the trek route is not famous for cycling, we can be the very first guys to try it out.
When: Thursday, 3rd July, 2014, 8 PM to Monday, 7th July 7:00 AM
For: NO age limits. Fit trekkers/cyclists only, people will be picked from waiting list.
Trek Route: Pune > Gunjavne > Rajgad Fort ( Chordarwaja ) -> Padmavathi machi -> Suvela machi/Balle killa -> Sanjeevani Machi -> ( 6hrs pedalling to Torna Base) -> Budla machi ( Torna ) -> Mengai Temple -> Zunzar machi -> Velhe > Pune
Price: Rs 2200
Train tickets - 700
GHAC - 500
Food - 500
Org - 500
Any excess money will be shared and remaining money will be refunded before the trek ends.
Brief Description:
Rajgad Fort : The name describes the place itself. The King of all the forts. It is to the south-west 40 Kms from Pune. It boasts the highest number of days stayed by Chhatrapati Shivaji on any fort. He spent almost 25/30 yrs here. Rajgad is famous for its construction. The fort can be divided into four different parts based on geographical terrain and fortification. These are the three sub-plateaux (Machee) namely Padmavati Machee, Suvela Machee and Sanjevani Machee, and at the centre is the Ballekilla
Rajgad Fort is the capital of the Maratha resistance under Shivaji. It is surrounded by Sinhagad, Torna Fort and Lingana. We will explore this fort for a few hours.
Rajgad and Torna Forts are joined by a scenic and often dangerous pathway in the green patches of the Sahyadris. This is some times called the 'King Trek of Sahyadri' for its popularity among backpackers.
Torna Fort :- The fort is also known as Prachandagad (huge fort), due to its massive size. In 1646, when Shivaji was 16, he launched his first military attack by capturing Torna fort, paving the way for the great empire. Many battles have been fought on this fort. The fort is truly grand and stretches for couple of kilometres.
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Tentative Itinerary:
8.30 PM - Hyd to Pune
Cycling :Pune to Gunjavne via sinhgad fort
Mountain Biking : Gunjavne to Padmavati Machi (Rajgad Fort)
Mountain Biking : Rajghad Fort to Torna Fort
Mountain Biking :Torna fort to Velhe
Cycling : Velhe to Pune
7.00 pm - Catch train to sec-bad
7.00 am - Reach Nampally, Tata, tata, Bye, Bye
Note :
No guests allowed. Please ask them to create an account, which is very simple, and RSVP for themselves.
Rs.2200/- ( More or less will be shared)
Cycles can be rented at Rs 400 per day - this cost is not included in the meetup
Payment Details:
Great Hyderabad Adventure Club
A/c no:[masked]
IFCS Code: UTIB[masked]
Road no:2, Banjarahills Branch
Transaction/Payment Remark:[masked]_your name
eg;[masked]_ Vishwam
You can also pay through credit card: (
Things to bring (ALL ARE MUST): Lets keep into minimum
Everything that you get .. you should carry it along with cycles
1. 1 pair of dry fits
2. Water : 2-3 litres per head. To discourage buying plastic, we request you to get filled bottles from home.
3. Food: Chapatis, Jam, Dry Fruits, Energy Bars, Keera (Cucumber), Beetroot, Carrots, dates, Cashew etc.
4. Head Torch or a good Torch light
Important Instructions:
1. Do not Carry any other extra weight
2. Do not Bring shoulder bags, sling bags etc
3. Do not RSVP if you are not fit enough for the trek or if you are afraid of heights
4. Smoking and Liquor are strictly prohibited during the trek (includes travel)
5. No littering, no pollution of water
6. We carry Basic First Aid and if you need anything you can ask the organizers
7. If you feel unwell bring to the notice of the organizers immediately.
8. Do not take unnecessary risks and always follow the organizers' directions
All GHAC Meetup Guidelines Apply :
Anybody not following this guidelines and rules will be asked to leave immediately and removed from the group.
Contact: Vishwam @[masked]
NOTE: Event Hosts have all the rights to add or remove any member and do necessary changes in route, activity, time, duration depending on the situations and climate conditions. ORGANIZER'S DECISION IS FINAL (ITS ALL ABOUT SAFETY, PLZ CO-OPERATE)
Picture credits : Rama Raju