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From 01-Nov-2018 till 08th-Dec-2018
-Children below 12yrs ₹550
-Adults, 12yrs and above ₹600

On day of the event / Spot Registration
-Children below 12yrs ₹650
-Adults, 12yrs and above ₹700 hurry up to grab your slot.

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The Hyderabad Rockathon is fast becoming a tradition. Into its Seventh edition, one can feel the excitement in the air in anticipation. It's that time of the year, when we celebrate adventure while spreading the important message of rock conservation. In it's full glory of greens and granite, Khajaguda(Fakhruddingutta) invites all you urbanites for a daylong feast of adrenaline. The menu boasts of a spread of events and you'll relish what's served. For starters, please block your calendar on the

09th December 2018.

Why this Kolaveri?

The Rockathon is a blend of adventure and conservation. Enjoy the beauty of our stunning ancient granite formations. Realize that, instead of doing away with the rocks for making space and building material, they must remain part of our city’s landscape.

After soaking in all the fun at the Rockathon, spread the message of preservation of the 250 crore year old rocky sculptures that nature has gifted us. The rocks deserve it and we need them for their contributions to our ecosystem too.

Score of exciting adventure activities are planned from morning to afternoon. You can participate in multiple activity one after the other. Bring your Friends, Family and Children Along.

Who can attend: All Ages including children above 6 Years.


The following exciting activities are planned from morning to afternoon.

Start Time Activity

• 7:30 AM onward Registration and Treasure Hunt Enrollment
- Zumba on Rocks

• 8:00 AM onward Trail Biking ( *Registration)
-1st Rock Walk

• 8:30 AM Breakfast ( On payment)

• 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Rappelling
- Ziplining
- Slacklining
- Bouldering
- Rock Shot Put
- Rock Tattoo
- Rock Balancing
- Outdoor Rock Games

•8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Selfie with Rock ( Submission @ 1pm, Judging @2pm)

•9:00 AM 2nd Rock Walk

•10:00 AM Snake Awareness Programme
- 3rd Rock Walk

• 11:00 AM – 01:00PM Treasure Hunt
- Talent on the rocks

• 01:00 PM – 02:00PM (Lunch on payment)

• 2:30 PM Rock Quiz

Registration :
* At the time of registration, disclaimer is required to be signed by all participants. In case of minors, parents / guardians need to sign on their behalf. Most events will be run simultaneously and one can participate in them one after the other. Carry your ID card and online registration slip.

Guidelines for Outdoor Activities:
1) Wear sports shoes.

2) Wear comfortable clothing. Avoid clothes like saris, lungis etc. This being a wilderness area you are better off in full pants and full sleeves.

3)Hats and caps are available on sale.

4)Carry water to keep yourself hydrated.

5)Refreshments ( Includes Breakfast and Lunch ) are available on sale. Free water refills provided.

6)Participants with long hair are advised to tie it up before rappelling and zip lining. No loose items like phones, keys etc. should be kept in pockets during rappelling and zip lining.

Route Map :
Most events will be run parallel and you can participate in them one after the other. We will have multiple setups so more members can do the activity in parallel.

From 01-Nov-2018 till 08th-Dec-2018

-Children below 12yrs ₹550

- Adults, 12yrs and above ₹600

On day of the event / Spot Registration

-Children below 12yrs ₹650

-Adults, 12yrs and above ₹700

Includes Entry Fee, All activities on first come first serve basis,

Food and Refreshments will be available on the premises ( Have to be purchased separately)

How to RSVP:
Add yourself to the waiting list and make the payment. It will auto Confirm the payment details in the comment section below.

Registration :
Request everyone to answer all the RSVP questions before registering for this event .

Things to bring:
Wear light color Sports Track or comfortable clothes with sports shoes.
Sun Hat
Water and refreshments.
ID card
Registration Slip

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