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SLACKLINING is an increasingly popular practice in the balancing arts, involves walking across a bouncy, highly-tensioned line that may be only a couple inches off the ground. Most of us have an inner equilibrium that can enable us to perform extraordinary balancing feats, but getting up on the line is fun.

Remember how intimidating it seemed to balance on a bicycle without training wheels? Now think how easy it turned out to be. Walking a slackline just takes confidence and a bit of practice.

Though Rope walking has existed for thousands of years, Slackline was discovered in 1979 by a rock climber and is now widely practised by people from all walks of life.
Slacklining is also popular among masses because of its simplicity and versatility; it can be used in various environments with few components.

-An adventurously entertaining way to super enhance your balancing skills
-Sharpens your Central nervous system
-Strengthens your stabilising muscles
-Improves physical & psychological focus
-Releases upper-body stiffness & related perils
-Improves body posture
-Miraculous for our much ignored feet, ankles and knees if practised barefoot

**Its so effective that physiotherapists across the world use it for Injury rehabilitation and prevention.

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of balancing your body on the line & walking on it. You will understand the efforts you need to make physically and mentally. How & what kind of support to use initially, what posture to keep along with other tips & tricks of the game. The workshop will also give you an insight into the sport's gear & equipment and how to go about practising it.


Samar Farooqui, is an adventure professional with a decade of experience in the outdoors, adventure sport and tourism industry of India and around the World.
Regarded as a pioneer for Slacklining in India, Samar's work and passion have been the center piece of news articles, news and TV shows and brand videos such India's Got Talent, NDTV Good-times, Times of India and Mercedes-Benz to name a few.
He is also sought after in India and abroad for his experiential education skills from teaching corporates brands as big as VFS Global and Edelweiss to teaching Syrian Refugee Children the values of balance and a positive attitude.
Samar's experiences are vast and varied giving him a empathetic understanding about life in the workplace. From being an event head, conceptualizing and organizing India's first highline (adventure sport) festival to performances and motivational talks for live audiences to working in Sales and marketing from behind the desk, to training celebrities how the art of balance. Samar has done it all and continues to gather more and more experiences with each passing day.



Total: 800/-

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HOW TO JOIN: RSVP in the waitlist and make the payment from the link above. Once you have made the payment, you'll be moved to going list.

NOTE: Only 10 slots are available, hurry up before you regret missing this great opportunity to learn the sport super fast under the guidance of the most experienced instructor out there.


Things to bring:

Loose clothing
No shoes required
1 liter of water
Some fruits or munchies

...and last but not least, a big smile and lot of enthusiasm.