Kang Yatse II - Training - Brisk walking 10Kms

This is a past event

10 people went

Needs a location


Brisk walking, sometimes also referred to as speed walking, is a type of exercise where a person walks quickly in order to increase the heart rate and get in shape. It can be a great way to lose weight and increase physical fitness, and is very easy to do. There are many benefits to incorporating such an exercise routine into everyday life.

Speed walking can be a great exercise for people of all ages. There are a few different ways for individuals to tell if they are walking quickly enough for physical benefits; these are perceived exertion, heart rate, and a measure of distance versus time. The perceived exertion when walking briskly should cause the walker to begin to sweat and to breathe slightly more heavily, but he or she should still be able to talk easily. People should be sure to select good walking shoes when starting a new exercise routine.

In addition, walkers should remember to stay hydrated when walking, and to wear reflectors if walking along the road at night. It is a good idea for the walker to try to keep a steady pace the entire time he or she is walking in order to keep the heart rate up and receive the most aerobic benefits. Some people incorporate walking interspersed with periods of jogging in order to get a more challenging workout as well.


6:30AM - Warm up for 10 min

6:40AM - Start the walk

Things to carry:

1) Small comfortable back pack to carry water bottle (Weight will be increased to 10 KG Gradually)

2) Wear proper shoes and tracks/shorts

Location: Sanjeevaiah Park Main gate, Necklace road, Tank Bund

Contact: Vinay @[masked]