Alang - Madan-Kulang ( Sahyadri TOUGHEST TREK.)

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Alang, Madan, Kulang

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Alang - Madan - Kulang Trek. ( Group Size 13 Incl Organizers)
Organized by Shariq, Maddiee & Dinesh.

Location: The fort trio of Alang-Madan-Kulang is situated in Kalasubai range. This area is rich with few of the highest mountain peaks in Sahyadri. Nearby peaks recognized are Kalsubai (higest peak in Maharashtra) & Ratangad. Other nearby landmarks are Bhandardara backwaters and Igatpuri.

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Please Carry Disclaimer:

About Forts / Trek
The trek to Alang-Madan-Kulang is considered to be one of the toughest treks in Maharashtra. It tests your stamina, patience and mental toughness. No place for games here. The overall trek includes rock climbing, rappelling, high steeps, long walks. To make matters worse, theres very little guidance available in any (printed, Internet) written form, and tons of confusing ways to get lost. As a result this trek stays is just a dream for many trekkers, some dont even dont know about it.

Due to their remote and difficult location the Forts have remained neglected by Gov. of India. According to the grapevine, it seems there was no professional group arranging this trek until last decade. Some very passionate and experienced trekkers used to come here that time. Recently some groups from Pune and Mumbai have started planning this trek regularly.

Itinerary: - Tentative: Will be updated as per final information

(Wednesday,1)Day 1: 8:30pm Leave Hyderabad by evening train

(Thursday,2)Day 2: 11:45am Reach Kalyan JN and go to Igatpuri by local train.
From Igatpuri go to Ambevadi via Igatpuri/Kasara-Ghoti-Pimpalnermor route.
Night Trek to Alang Base camp and start cooking and sleep.

(Friday,3)Day 3: Start the trek in the morning to Alang and come back to base camp.

(Saturday, 4)Day 4: Head over to Madan, complete the summit, and head back down to the valley, we have lunch and begin on Kulang which we should reach at about nightfall

(Sunday,5)Day 5: Go to the village,freshen up and get started to the station n reach Pune have dinner and take a bus to Hyderabad

(Monday,6)Day 6: 7:45am reach Hyderabad, share mobile numbers and Bye Byes.
The team will be chosen by the organizer

This is an exploratory trip and many things can go wrong, so be prepared for it

If the organiser decides that something cant be done, thats it. organisers word is final, however, the team will be kept in the loop for all decisions, but again, the organizers word is final!!

This trek is extremely technical, so prior experience in especially climbing would be an added advantage.

Organizers don't owe any explanation to anyone on how the team has been chosen.

payment link: Contact Organiser

Cost BreakDown (Tentative):4000/- ( Per person)

Train - 400
Bus -1200 ( If possible will try to book train in return )
Local - 300
Food -400
Misc -200
GHAC Fund - 375
Org re -933
GST -118

These are just the estimates and wantedly inflated. The money will be reimbursed after the trek as per actual's.


Things to bring: [ All things are compulsory ]

1) Sleeping bag •/ Sheet
2) A good Torch and extra batteries (Preferably a torch with a flood and not a spot)
3) Plastic packets•
4) Trekking wear, Shoes and tracks, shorts, cap, etc•
5) Extra pairs of clothes and socks and a jacket for the cold.•
6) Toiletries•
7) Camera•
8) Some snacks to munch on the way.•
9) Bring along an emergency light if you have one (Just in case)
10) Water bottles - 4 litres (Ill carry water purification tablets)
11) A Reusable spoon and a plate. Also a cup/glass if you drink tea.
12) Raincoat are poncho.

We need to share the weights of Tarps + Cooking vessel + Ropes, harnesses, helmets and climbing equipment

Try to travel as light as possible because we have a lot of scrambling and trekking to do.


Responsible Trekking: Most of us may not be serious trekkers but all of us have equal responsibility in protecting our beloved earth. GHAC earnestly requests all its members to be socially responsible whilst the treks and avoid any littering, shouting when in wild or causing anything that would disturb the normal ecology. Try to avoid plastics as much as possible.

Important Instructions:
1) No smoking and no alcohol
2) No littering, no pollution of water
3) This is not a luxury trip, but all care has been taken to make your trip comfortable
4) Food will be mostly vegetarian
5) We carry Basic First Aid, please do inform us if you need any special attention.
6) if you feel unwell bring to the notice of the organizers immediately.

Things to bear before making this payment. The event can gets cancelled if weather gets bad before the event. In such cases your payment will be refunded except for Train Cancellation charges.

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