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Mt. Girnar Climbing Challenge

Hosted by GHAC - Great Hyderabad Adventure Club - Govt. of India regd

Public group


Price: $200.00 /per person
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Girnar (also known as "Girnar Hill") is a collection of mountains in the Junagadh District of Gujarat. Amidst the lush green Gir Forest, the mountain range serves as the hub of religious activity, it is a holy place and an important pilgrimage centre for both Hindus and Jains. There are a number of temples and a mosque attracting people of many faiths making Girnar a perfect example of unity in diversity in India.

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Mt. Girnar, the highest peak in Gujarat rises to 1031 meters (3382 feet). A sturdy stone path — a pilgrimage route - climbs from peak to peak. It is claimed that there are exactly 9,999 steps from the trailhead to the last temple on the highest peak, but the actual number is roughly 8,000. On the ways towards the peak of Girnar, there are temples and places; namely, `Bharathari Gufa(cave)', `Mali Parab', `Ramchandra Temple', and `Hathi Pashan'.

Every year, a race is held, running from the base of the mountain to the peak and back. The locals in nearby Junagadh insist that the fastest-ever time was 42.36 minute.
Hike difficulty level: Hard to Very Hard. This is not for the faint hearted. Its an exploration hike that intends to stretch the limits of endurance. Participants will be chosen based on their trekking/hiking experience and the chosen one’s will need to start training accordingly.
Warning: This hike requires good physical fitness as you are required to climb 9990 stairs and same number climb back. People will need to start training if they are selected for this.

6 Oct – 1700 Hrs – Depart for Ahmedabad
7 Oct – 1300 Hrs – Arrival at Ahmedabad
7 Oct – 1400 Hrs – Take bus to Junagadh
7 Oct – 2000 Hrs – Arrive Junagadh and retire for the night in booked accommodation
8 Oct – 0400 Hrs – Wake up, freshen up and start for the base of Mt. Girnar
8 Oct – 0500 Hrs – Reach base of Mt. Girnar and start climbing.
8 Oct – 1700 Hrs – Reach back to the base of Mt. Girnar. Head back to hotel and leave for Sasan Gir National Park.
9 Oct – 0600 Hrs Wake up and go on a Jungle Safari.
9 Oct – 1700 Hrs Leave for Ahmedabad and further to Hyderabad
11 Oct – 1700 Hrs Arrive Hyderabad

Just 1: We are trekkers hence be prepared for worse. “Do not grumble.”

Logistic, food & Costs:
The travel plan is not decided as yet but due to irregularity of trains, we might fly into Ahmedabad and take the bus from there. The itinerary is still fluid and am trying to work out the specifics. It will be tentatively work out around Rs.10,000/-.

Things to bring:
Track pants – full length preferred as the hills are a religious place
T-shirt – full sleeves preferred as the hills are a religious place
Sun hat/ screen and sunscreen lotion
Walking /trekking /sport shoes
Refreshments / chocolates / energy bars/ Energy Drinks / sugar salt mixture
Water bottle
wet tissues
Photo Id (passport, Employee/Colleg e Id, Pan card/Election Card/ Driving License)
2 emergency Notes with your name and address, phone numbers, emergency contact name and number, doctors name and number, with information on any medicines you take and any allergies you have with food or medicines, keep 1 in pocket and 1 in bag.
A good and positive mood.
Note: Most of us may not be serious trekkers but all of us have equal responsibility in protecting our beloved earth. GHAC earnestly requests all its members to be socially responsible whilst the treks and avoid any littering, shouting when in wild or causing anything that would disturb the normal ecology. Try to avoid plastics as much as possible, especially plastic smiles.

Important Instructions:
1) No smoking and no alcohol
2) No littering, no pollution of water
3) This is not a luxury trip, but all care has been taken to make your trip comfortable
4) Food will be mostly vegetarian
5) We carry Basic First Aid and if you need anything you can ask the organizers
6) If you feel unwell bring to the notice of the organizers immediately.
7) Do not shout unnecessarily and become a nuisance for everyone.


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