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What we’re about

This group seeks to bring people together to talk about stocks, general investing, investment opportunities across industries, types of investments, and other topics related to personal investing. We'll have regular virtual meetings where we'll discuss various aspects of personal investing, exchange investment perspectives, knowledge, and tips, and share experiences about doing what we love - investing! This is not a day trading group nor is it meant to supplant any professional advice one may be (or should be!) receiving. Rather, it's intended to be a venue for conversation and informal exchanges between individuals who like to invest and talk about investing, and want to learn more from others with the same interest. Each meeting will be open for conversation and current investing event discussion, and feature a focused area for discussion that rotates, such as dividend investing, REITs, mutual funds, or industry areas such as natural resources, senior housing, and so on. Members are welcome to suggest topics and once the group gets going, make presentations or lead conversations they may be particularly knowledgable about.