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What we’re about

We have found that Denver offers few ways for married/committed/partnered same-sex couples to meet and socialize outside of bars, clubs, and the like. So this Meet-Up group was created in 2010 to help gay and lesbian couples in the greater Denver area find one another and make new friends by attending dinners, outdoor activities, cultural events, and other social gatherings together. <br>

Applying for membership is easy--just complete an online profile and submit it for approval. A clear photo of either you alone or you and your partner will be required. Neither your personal info. nor your photo is available to the public--your profile can only be viewed by other group members. Also, you and your partner must have been together for six months or longer in order to be eligible for membership. <br>

Once your membership is approved, you'll be able to RSVP for upcoming activities. We have a lot of nice, fun, and friendly people here who would love to meet you.

Check out what members are saying about the group. <br>

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You and your partner are invited to join this group for FREE!

Lastly, please carefully read the below rules of this group before you join.

• Every couple must attend at least one event each year.

• No canceling an RSVP within 48 hours of an event start date. (we understand life happens and will be addressed on a case by case bases)

• Always be respectful (this means, but not limited to, no aggressive, mean spirited, or hateful IM"s, emails or phone calls) <br>

• Members must ensure that their mail settings are set such that all mail from this MeetUp group is received. (NO spamming will occur. Mail is only to announce new events or canceled events (automated), announcements from the coordinator, or from event hosts to their guests.) <br>

Failure to comply with these rules is grounds for immediate expulsion from the group. Refunds will not be considered or offered