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Greenhouse是一個讓五花八門的點子雲集的社群 喜歡思考?喜歡談論?想和其他人分享想法和創意?或有想法不知道怎麼突破嗎? Greenhouse是一個不限主題,可以或坐或躺,跟大家一起分享,思辯,創造,你腦中憋不住/想不通/堵塞/不安的任何點子 會前還有一場暖心暖身暖腦的動作活動,幫你認識藏在身體裡的自己 Join us!自由集思討論的空間Greenhouse有你會不同 來嘛!來吧!來嗎?來呀!來喔!


有任何問題是要解決嗎?用email聯絡我們 你也可以在這裡找到Greenhouse:


The Greenhouse is a community for creatives of all kinds. Do you like making things? Thinking about things? Talking about things? Do you want talk with other people about the things you think about and make? The Greenhouse is a community for people working on creative projects to get together and brainstorm. At the Greenhouse you can... …get around your particular creative block. …find the people/resources you need for your project. …get help with a major creative decision. There’s a warmup activity before the discussion. It warms up your brain--and your heart. Come on and join us!

The Greenhouse meets on the second Tuesday of every month in Taipei City at Chungqing S. Rd. Sec. 1 No. 88 3F

Questions, comments, have an idea you want to workshop? Email us at We also have a website,

We need sharers for the upcoming Greenhouse. If you have (or someone you know has) a creative idea that could use some collaborative thinking to help it move forward, please share it with us, that’s what we’re here for ;-). Contact either Angela or Katie at least a week before the Greenhouse. Pretty much any idea can work, look at some of the projects we’ve talked about in the past: finding collaborators for a theatre script writing project, getting direction for creating an online video channel, building a user base for an astrology service. You should know by now that the Greenhouse community is both creative and fun, we’ll make sure to help get your idea off the ground!

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