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What we’re about

Welcome to GRID!

GRID Alexandria is a real estate community built by investors for investors. We are a group of real people doing real deals.

Our core mission is to connect to, learn from, and collaborate with like-minded people interested in building wealth and creating impact through real estate.

We welcome investors of all experience levels. We are life-long learners and believe everyone has value to share.


How it works

We meet once a month, 12 months a year, on the same day, week, and time of the month. Each month we cover a different investing topic in the Lifecycle of an Investor—ranging from wholesaling to rehabbing to becoming a bank through private lending.

Our meetings are not sales pitches. They are opportunities for us to dive deep into a real estate topic, connect with local experts in our marketplace, and build long-term relationships with other doers and deal-makers.

All of our events are 100% FREE.
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Your GRID Leadership

GRID Alexandria is led by Jacob Hamilton.

A native of Northern Virginia, Jacob is an enterprising and enthusiastic agent committed to helping homeowners with selling, leasing, and marketing properties. As well as, helping his buyers find the right home or investment. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, Jacob puts his best foot forward throughout the whole transaction and always brings his clients winning results.

Considering Jacob was born and raised in Northern Virginia, he is very familiar with neighborhoods throughout the area, giving him an advantage in finding off-market properties for all his buyer, builder, and investor clients.

He is also a cost segregation specialist, analyzing fixed assets so his clients can understand and report accelerated depreciation and construction-related costs for tax savings. His experience in commercial real estate, construction, and negotiation give him a well-rounded background to serve his clients well and achieve winning results.

Jacob is a member of the National Association of Realtors®, as well as numerous other political and business associations and clubs. Jacob is also a licensed General Contractor in Virginia and plans to continue to build his construction business.

A busy and connected community volunteer, Jacob is a passionate mentor who has worked as a youth lacrosse coach, advanced angling/fly-fishing instructor, and leadership skill-builder for local adolescents. He enjoys following international politics, cooking, and finding local charities to help in any way possible.

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Our Partner

Character Companies Incorporated

Character Companies Incorporated is a full-service real estate company.

We service buyers, sellers, investors, builders, and developers of Alexandria and the surrounding areas. Character Companies represents a true full-service real estate company offering our three arms of business sales, construction, and investments. We pride ourselves in the ability to serve any client that has real estate needs that can range from general contractor services, investment consulting, traditional realtor services, and much more. 

Learn more about Character Companies Incorporated The JHamilton Group

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