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GRID (formerly known as CAZA Investor Network) started in 2007 with less than 10 people and has since grown to over 10,000 members in 12+ locations in 3 states.

We believe the networking, education and inspiration you need to become a real estate investing pro is best found at the local level – which means that you need local knowledge, local contacts and local resources to help you grow.

GRID represents who we are (a power network) and what we do:

G: grow (your database)

R: return (on relationships)

I: invest (in people and assets)

D: develop (leadership and expertise)

Each Chapter is run by active and experienced real estate entrepreneurs who are doing deals in their area and who have joined GRID to share their stories, facilitate conversations, nurture relationships, and create more business opportunities for everyone in the room.

We welcome real estate entrepreneurs of all experience levels to join us in the endeavor to build and expand your reach, knowledge-base, business, and potential.

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Rehabbing For BIG Profit

6820 Elm St

So, how's this all work then, you might ask? With the buying and fixing and the flipping... well, sorry, it's a secret. NOT! Come on out to this month's GRID Investor Network Meetup and we'll tell you all about it. We'll review the topics we've covered so far this year: on wholesaling, rehabbing and even touch on rentals, then we'll SHOW you how we're doing it. We'll look at a recent rehab project and discuss how we found it, how much we spent to renovate it and how much we made or lost when we sold it (spoiler alert: she's a winner), with listing data, photos and more. Part inspiration, part education and part terrible stand-up comedy - The GRID is THE place to be if you're interested in investing in real estate. We'll see you there!

Build Your Investment Dream Team

6820 Elm St

Real estate investing is a great business - partly because you have no "boss" and no office politics since the business can be done successfully by one person or a small partnership. But does that mean you never have to deal with other people? Nope - and you shouldn't want to anyway. We have a team of fellow professionals and others that bring us deals, help our business and get business in return.

Buy & Hold | The Key to Wealth

6820 Elm St

You may have heard other investors, gurus and financial planners discussing the virtues of owning rental properties. And it is definitely true that a portfolio of GOOD rental properties can provide lifetime income and financial security. But what really makes a GOOD rental property? What should you expect from your rental portfolio and how do you manage it for maximum return on minimal effort? We'll cover those points and more with real examples and data at this month's Meetup. It should be a good one, packed with usable content and, as always, the best real estate networking in the area.

Asset Protection Strategies & Tax Advantages

6820 Elm St

Feel free to come and learn and network with fellow investors. I look forward to seeing you there! Format: 1) Intro: 15mins 2) Training: 50mins 3) Deal Sharing & Networking This year we are going to format each monthly training to correspond to the full life cycle of a real estate investor so that by the end of the year you have a solid real estate investment foundation. January: How To Wholesale February: How To Market For Deals March: How To Estimate Renovations April: How To Negotiate The Deal May: Where To Find The Money June: Rehabbing For BIG Profit July: Build Your Investment Dream Team August: Buy & Hold | The Key to Wealth September: Asset Protection Strategies & Tax Advantages October: Lease Options/Subject To: November: Be The Bank December: CAZA Investor Network Holiday Party

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Where To Find The Money

6820 Elm St

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