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Come join us at 401 Hall St SW!

The Boiler Room is currently being built out for us, but we are meeting on the fourth floor in a space being provided to us just down the hall from Mutually Human. The doors of the temporary space will be open on the fourth floor at 6 PM, but we will be officially shifting the start time to 8 PM since that is when most people arrive anyways. Please park on the north side of the building and enter through the door behind the Boiler Room. Proceed through the under building parking structure to the elevator, go up to the fourth floor, take a left at the fork in the hallway and we are located on your right!

Work needs to be done!

While the social is going on, we still encourage people to work in the Boiler Room and get it totally ready for the next phase in construction. Our crew has been working hard on getting the paint off from the walls of the secondary room this weekend, but it still needs attention. Thank you to all of you who have worked on this! We still need your help though...

Also, we are getting our Maker Faire Detroit ( projects ready for the end of this month! If you want to lend a hand, we have a ton of work to do!

"What's Going On??"

This is an idea we are actively stealing from Noisebridge Hackerspace in San Francisco CA. "What's Going On??" is thirty minutes at 9 pm where six people can have an open mic to talk about whatever topic interests them. This is NOT limited to technology or topics pertaining to GRMakers, but can be anything of interest that you can teach to the crowd! If you want to speak, there will be a signup when you walk in the door and you will have access to a whiteboard. Just remember, you only have five minutes to speak, but a whole night to clarify to anyone who is interested. Our community is defined by the brilliance of our members and "What's Going On??" gives you an opportunity to shine! We do record the "What's Going On??" for the Youtube channel, but if you are not comfortable with this, let us know and we will not record it. We want you to share and will work to make you as comfortable in this sharing environment!

As usual:

Note that we will have tables and chairs and coolers with drinks and some snacks donated by our loving community, but we won't be moving the tools into the space until The Boiler Room is ready for us. We do, however, encourage you to bring your projects and your ideas into this temporary space to make it feel like home during these growing pains. Thank you so much for your support.

We MAKE things and help others with their projects, Everyone is encouraged to bring their own projects to work on and show off.

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