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GRMakers Social and Sorting/Organizing Day!

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Come join us at 401 Hall St SW at 8 PM on 09/25/13!

We are at the Boiler Room on the North side of 401 Hall St SW. You won't have any trouble finding us, just look for the smoke stack! The space will be available starting at about 6 PM for the meeting even though the meeting won't officially start until 8 PM. We hope to see you there!

Sort and Organize!

We have a number of skids full of stuff/parts/wires/chaos that is in desperate need of organizing. To be honest, there are a number of things in there that we can't even identify, but we are sure that some of you can! Help us get organized and put everything where it belongs so all members can have access to what they need! Thanks again for all of your help this past week. We sincerely appreciate everyone who put an effort in!

"What's Going On??"

"What's Going On??" is our five minute talks starting around 9 PM where you can share your ideas and projects with the group. This is NOT limited to technology or topics pertaining to GRMakers, but can be anything of interest that you can teach to the crowd! If you want to speak, there will be a signup when you walk in the door. Just remember, you only have five minutes to speak, but a whole night to clarify to anyone who is interested. Our community is defined by the brilliance of our members and "What's Going On??" gives you an opportunity to shine! We do record the "What's Going On??" for the Youtube channel, but if you are not comfortable with this, let us know and we will not record it. We want you to share and will work to make you as comfortable in this sharing environment!

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