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PHP Meetup /Workshop TDD, DDD & Teamwork by Pim Elshoff

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Aukje and Remko S.


Hybrid Event

What Time?

We work on the laptop, so bring your device!

18:30 Pizzas in the town Groningen

19:00 - Online Welcome Words and start Workshop

Test Driven Development and questions Confidently insured
120 minute intermediate workshop

### Description/Proposal

Insurance is a confusing (mine-) field where terms and policies mean something entirely different from terms and policies. To remain confident we have to adapt our behaviour and let our test suite do the work for us.
Using DDD, BDD and TDD we will discover, design and implement this risky business with one goal in mind: Test Driven To Do's! Let the system tell you what to do next. TDTD will keep your pace steady, energy up and stress down.
Quite a claim? Relax, TDTD has you covered!

Programmer mentor Pim Elshoff- TDD & DDD Coach - DM and let me help you achieve technical and personal excellence!


After the Workshop -?????:
Share your ideas for future presentations, events and activities, also, socialise, drink beer and have fun :)

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Laan Corpus Den Hoorn 200 · Groningen, GR
32 spots left