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Free Webinar tomorrow by Eric Lofholm & it will be great!

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Hi there -

As you probably know by now, I think the world of Eric Lofholm and his work. Here is a link to a FREE webinar that he is doing tomorrow. It's a 2-hour sales training via webcast 10 am to noon PST.

I highly encourage you to attend if you can. Eric always shares terrific ideas. See the email below for a description of what he will cover.

Warmly, Dianna (but keep reading!)

Join Eric Lofholm for a 2 hour live advanced sales training via webcast. This is a $197 training that I am giving at NO CHARGE for the first 200 people who register.

To register go to

There is no charge for this training.

When: Thursday, May 16 at 10 am pacific to 12 noon

Where: Webcast

If you like golden nuggets you will LOVE this event (I will be teaching 7 golden nuggets!)

Do you like learning golden nuggets? I love learning and I am always looking for golden nuggets.

Here is what I will be teaching at my upcoming event:

1.The number 1 business idea I learned in 2011. This is an idea I learned from Michael Gerber. This one idea changed the direction of my company. It could easily help you create a sales breakthrough.

2.The number 1 way I am growing my business in 2013. The last seminar I taught this idea at the audience was blown away by how easy this idea is to implement.

3.My number 1 closing tip - When you learn this idea it will be easier for you to close on every presentation you give for the rest of your life.

4.An idea that Napoleon Hill wrote about in his first book that is rarely taught in seminars - (this idea is not in Think and Grow Rich)

5.An idea from Bucky Fuller (one of the world's greatest thinkers) that I added my own sales viewpoint to than can create a sales breakthrough for you

6.A sales technique that you can also use on a date to help you find your soul mate

7.An idea I learned from Ben Feldman (World's greatest life insurance salesman) that I use every day to get out of overwhelm and into action.

Here are 2 unedited Facebook messages that I received after teaching one of my recent events.

"Wanted to let you know that I sent one of my associates to your event this past weekend…she is completely changed!!!

You totally blessed her and gave her renewed hope!!!

I wanted you to know what you really did for her this past weekend! I wanted you to know just how much you impact the lives of those you are around!



"Good Morning EVERYONE! This is an exciting day. I went to the most fabulous seminar over the weekend by Eric Lofholm and Rick Silva about sales and networking. I got so many great nuggets out of the weekend I am full, excited and motivated. Woo Hoo!!!! Today I'm going to set goals and aim my life in a direction. I wish everyone could feel this way, and I wish I could feel this way all the time. Have a great day and I'll let you all know how my AIM is going :)!"


Join me for this life-changing event.

There is no charge for this training.

When: Thursday, May 16 at 10 am pacific to 12 noon

Where: Webcast

To register go to


Eric Lofholm

Ps. You will love this event! Join me and invite your entire network!


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