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What we’re about

~ Are you a college-educated in your 30s or 40s who wants to meet people in a child-free setting?
~ Do you want an active social life & some ongoing stimulus for personal growth?
~ Do you enjoy good food & wine (or beer, or spirits)?
~ Are you interested in meeting other grownups who still want the excitement of having new experiences, meeting new people, having engaging conversations, sharing perspectives & just hanging out?
~ Are you non-religious (and *not* a staunch atheist who poo-poos spirituality)?
~ Are you liberal-leaning but not a political zealot either way?
~ Do you care about the environment/nature & see yourself as part of the global community?
~ Are you up for reading (or watching) and discussing the occasional book, short story, article or film?
~ Are you up for a night of dancing/partying here & there?

This Group is for people who aren't slowing or settling down, who still feel like there's a lot to explore and learn, and enjoy the company of other like-minded people. It's for people who want to keep discovering new places, topics, activities & mindsets. It's a group for grownups who want to make friends and occasionally have the kind of fun it was easier to have in your college days or your 20s. It's a group for people who see the value of simple pleasures, like a good dinner, a nice glass of wine, intellectually stimulating conversations, music, art, film and friendship.