ScrumLSPUK presents “Scrum© meets LEGO© SeriousPlay”

This is a past event

12 people went

Price: £5.00

The Clergy House

EC2A 4ER Mark Street Shoreditch · London

How to find us

From OLD STREET "Exit 3 Moorgate", walk SOUTH until you reach Angel pub Turn LEFT in Leonard Street (leave Pret a Manger on you right) & walk down until you reach the round crossing. Turn RIGHT(Paul Str) then Left (Mark Str) Enter the garden🤗

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Groworks is glad to partner with ScrumLSPUK for their first Meetup in London.

The refreshments and the venue are kindly sponsored by the great guys of Contact Engine.
The meeting room is located in an old clergy house, filled with quirky antiques in the heart of Shoreditch’s Tech City!

(See the picture to follow the path frown Old Street Station).

ContactEngine is the next generation Customer Engagement Hub technology that enables brands to proactively engage their customers in AI-driven conversations.
It worth visiting their website:

17:45 - 18:10 Check in
18:15 [as sharp as we can!] Ready, go!
(unfortunately late comers won't be admitted, as they would break the flow.)
- The Sprint as a container
- Scrum roles
- The 2 backlogs
- Sprint Planning
- The ongoing Sprint
- Daily Standup
- Sprint Review
- Sprint Retrospective

20:15 Wrap up and celebration

Important: in order to grasp the max from this workshop we recommended to read/refresh the Scrum knowledge by reading the free Scrum Guide (16 pages only) here:
It's also advisable to give a quick look at the 2 pages "Manifesto for Agile Software Development" (

About ScrumLSPUK

ScrumLSPUK is one of the International branches of ScrumLSP©, the original one created in Italy one foggy autumn day of October in Milan, Italy.

The magic had been possible thanks to the "fortunate collision" of Fabrizio Faraco, LEGO® SeriousPlay© certified facilitator and Michael F Forni certified Scrum© master, after years of Twitter friendship.

The ScrumSLP© framework had its first validation on November 10th 2017 in Rome at Tim Working Capital, where 5 tables hosted 6 attendees each to experiment a brand new concept.

Now London happens to be the 3rd city where international forwarded thinkers have decided to gather for this first edition of "ScrumLSP in the City".

A huge THANKS goes to the guys (Glen on top!) at Contact Engine for sponsoring us with their AWESOME venue!


The Meetup

During this innovative and exclusive workshop (based on LEGO© SeriousPlay Open Source model) Michael and Marco will bring you in an exciting, interactive hands-on journey to discover Scrum (nowadays the most widely used Agile framework).

Thanks to the magic of LEGO© bricks you'll become familiar with commonly misunderstood concepts like "Backlog", "Estimation", "Review", "Retrospective", "Ceremony", "Artefact" and so forth.

Either you have no clue about Scrum or you think you practice it already pretty well, this is the opportunity of discovering new approaches and attitudes... having loads of fun playing, seriously, with some LEGO© bricks!

Let your hands think for you!

Since the available seats are limited, please book your seat(s) ASAP!

Well? What are you waiting for?
Come and learn, seriously playing with the colourful bricks of your childhood!

Cheers and... Scrum on!