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Revenue Boulevard 2018
In this digital age, marketers and sales professionals are struggling to win that customer. And there are several reasons for that: First, in most companies, marketing and sales work in different silos. They mostly don't talk to each other. A direct result is that a lead means something different for both departments. Another reason is that customer know better what they want, so as a marketer or a sales, it's hard to identify that customer. Or even worse, most of them have no clue what their touchpoints with the customer are or when he or she appears in the sales funnel. So yes, there is a new way of selling and also a new way of marketing. In short, there is a merge between marketing and sales. In the surrounding countries, we see new functions like the Chief Revenue Officer popping up. Just for the simple reason that it's all about REVENUE. To take that leap ahead and to gain marketshare, the marketer needs to have more sales skills and the sales professional needs to have more marketing skills. On November 20th, at Revenue Boulevard, you can discover all insights on that alignment, the skills and the tactics needed to find and grow that revenue. All information on the speakers, topics and registration can be found on If you missed the super early bird tickets, no worries, you can still catch one with this code: Meetup50 (valid till November 9th).

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Your new business went online yesterday and you've got a marketing budget of zero. How are you supposed to create a movement around your product? How can you get to your first thousand - or million - customers? Starting from zero, it feels impossible. Enter the growth hacker. You may not have heard of growth hacking yet, but you've certainly used the billion dollar brands built by it: Hotmail, AirBnB, Facebook, Dropbox, amongst many others. This group is for people who want to adopt the growth hacker mindset. It is all about sharing hands-on tactics that bring you results.

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