How to go back to the office with a black belt in growth - with Adelina Peltea


In this meetup you will learn different levels of expertise in Growth - and what you can do at those different levels - with Adelina Peltea, VP of Growth at Holded.

By using personal examples from her experience at Typeform, TradeGecko, and other companies, as well as her plans in her new role leading Growth at Holded, Adelina will cover the evolution of the Growth function over time and at different companies around the world.

Before joining Holded team, Adelina has gained experience by leading marketing, growth, and operations for subscription-based businesses in artificial intelligence, fintech, big data, commerce, and business tools, contributing to their growth at various stages, from pre-seed to post-series B, and from 0 to 2.3M MRR.

You can find Adelina's Linkedin profile here:

The structure of this session will be as follows:

- 19:00h - 19:15h - Let's wait for everyone while having a beer.
- 19:15h - 19:45h - Adelina's talk: "How to go back to the office with a black belt in growth"
- 19:45h - 20h - Q&A
- 20h - 21h - let's grab a second beer and get to know each other!

Beer's price: 2€