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What we’re about

This group gets together monthly to enjoy GREAT PEOPLE and the finest in FINE DINING and WINE. The group is appropriately called "Grub & Grapes." While we want to experience the most interesting culinary delights, and savor the best of wines, we want to emphasize friendship and community over pretentiousness. In other words, everyone attending a dinner should bring a bottle of wine with the cost of which a function of their economic comfort. There are many great wines that aren't that expensive; whites and dessert wines are typically cheaper than reds; some recent vintages are better than older vintages. You get the point. We don't want this to be a contest. No doubt there will be amazing bottles of wine. Feel free to bring a date or a guest (include in your RSVP +1 etc); just make sure that enough wine is brought to compensate for what you and your guests may drink.

Membership is be referral only. You must know someone in the group in order to be accepted.