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DIY Remote Controlled and Autonomous Mobile Robots

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Marius S.
DIY Remote Controlled and Autonomous Mobile Robots


This is a series of monthly talks, tutorials and demos to help us learn how to build mobile robots. We will cover techniques for building both remote control and autonomous robots, from small RC smart cars, like Donkey car and JetBot, to bigger projects like autonomous e-karts, telepresence robots, lawnmowers and snowblower etc. You will learn how to use Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2, PYNQ Z1 and Ultra96 to control the motors/actuators and understand the environment using sensors, including stereo/depth cameras and LIDAR. You will also learn how to use AI (machine learning) techniques to enhance your robots with smart actions, like voice control, visual gestures, follow me, avoid obstacle etc. Join OSSDC Slack at, to continue the discussions there and help each other. If you are interested to present, teach, or showcase a project in this space, please post your name/bio in #introductions channel and a short description of the talk/project on OSSDC Slack in #gtarobotics-talks channel. We will capture the lessons and learnings in the OSSDC Hacking Book: You can contact me on Slack @marius, follow me on Twitter @gtatobotics or connect with me on LinkedIn at Check also the videos, playlists and subscribe to, channel.

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