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DC GTD Meetup Agenda


I. Agenda, Introductions & Challenges Forum (6:30 PM)

A. Introductions - Each member will introduce yourself briefly, tell us what you do professionally, your GTD experience, and a recent success with your productivity implementation and/or life.

B. Challenges Forum - We'll give a few minutes to have the group help each member with solutions to challenges we may be facing currently with life or work circumstances with our productivity system. These are specific productivity challenges and only one challenge per member (up to 10 people for time's sake).

II. Book Discussion: The Now Habit at Work ( by Dr. Neil Fiore (7:20 - 7:45 PM)

The follow-up to Dr. Neil Fiore's acclaimed The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play (, The Now Habit at Work ( attempts to bring this kind of optimal performance program to your work life. How does it facilitate GTD and how does it differ? That's what we'll be discussing at this month's Meetup! So, join us and we'll give a summary of the book's principles (so you're welcome to read it, or not) then discuss how The Now Habit at Work ( can complement your GTD implementation in your productivity system!

Book Description (from

Increase productivity, efficiency, and full-brain power when you apply Now Habit strategies to your business.

What if working harder, stressing more, and putting in more hours aren't the secret to success? What if truly effective managers, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople simply use more of their brain to make creative decisions, work in the zone, and live more fully in the process?

The Now Habit at Work gives you a hands-on manual enabling the resilience and focus of champions-the ability to bounce back from set-backs, to believe in yourself, and focus on solving problems rather than seeing only obstacles. This one-of-a-kind program offers:

• Tools to enable superior quality work that creates work-life balance

• Strategies to maintain focus and self-confidence

• Tips to conquer stress through effective time management and goal setting

• Daily exercises to ignite motivation in yourself and others to tackle projects with creativity and ease

Filled with practical examples that are throroughly tested and easy to implement, The Now Habit at Work will have you increasing your mindfulness while reforming old habits and reducing your stress. You'll be amazed at how soon your new habits will be inspiring and motivating those around you to new levels of productivity!


At Bryant's request, I will try to sneak in a LiveScribe smartpen demo after our discussion, time permitting; otherwise, I'll record a video tutorial and post it on my website (


III. GTD Resource Sharing (7:45 PM) -- NEWS / CONTENT READING & CURATION

This is where everyone can offer a book title, recent blog or magazine article, tip/trick/hack, tool, service or item that has helped them in their life either with GTD or otherwise. (We compile resources discussed and post them to our Resources Page in the GTDDC Google Group. Join us there (!)


IV. Announcements / Closing Remarks (8:55 PM)

Upcoming meetups, events, and programs announcements. All announcements must be sent to the Meetup Organizer within the RSVP form to announce to the group, at his/her sole discretion. Thank you!