Managing Next-Actions by Context, Time, Energy and Priority (GTD DC)

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WeWork Coworking & Office Space

1875 Connecticut Ave NW 10th Floor · Washington, DC

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Let the front desk know you are a guest of "Khalilah Branch" of WeWork. We are meeting in Room 10H. Call/text Ray if you can't get in or find us (202-527-9620)!

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Join us this month's Getting Things Done DC Productivity Group Meetup event, as we discuss managing next-actions by context, time, energy and priority according to GTD by looking at how you use them in your real life systems.

*** Please arrive BEFORE 6:00 PM to get into the building, get your name badge, mix-and-mingle, and complete the Challenges Forum signup form so we can start promptly! ***

I. Introductions + Challenges Forum (~6:15 PM)

A. Introductions - Each member will introduce yourself briefly, tell us what you do professionally (or otherwise), your GTD experience, and a recent success with your productivity implementation and/or life.

B. Challenges Forum - We'll give a few minutes to have the group help each member with solutions to challenges we may be facing currently with life or work circumstances with our productivity system. These are specific productivity challenges and only one challenge per member for time's sake.

II. Managing Next-Actions by Context, Time, Energy and Priority (~7:00 PM - 7:45 PM)

After we get our inboxes clarified and our projects and next-actions organized, the next steps in our collective GTD practices are to Reflect and Engage with those next-actions. We review the next-actions lists based on context, time available, energy available and then priority, and engage with those tasks to start making progress.

How well do you manage and make decisions on what to work on next? How do you determine your contexts? Do you track how long a task will take, or how much energy each action will require? How do you define priority in your own system?

We'll discuss these questions and more in this month's Meetup discussion!


Please feel free to bring your copy of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity ( for reference, your questions and thoughts!

III. GTD Resource Sharing (7:45 PM)

This is where everyone can offer a book title, recent blog or magazine article, tip/trick/hack, tool, service or item that has helped them in their life either with GTD or otherwise. The above category is a recommended focus for sharing, but you may share any productivity resource that has helped you on your GTD journey.

I encourage everyone to bring some kind of GTD or productivity resource they know about or use to offer to the group! You might think something is simple, plain, obvious or known already, but you would be surprised that sharing this knowledge is always helpful to new and veteran GTDers!

IV. Announcements / Closing Remarks (7:50 PM)

Upcoming meetups, events, and programs announcements.


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