Weekly Review Accountability Party #6

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Check out the latest episode of ProductivityCast, Episode 045, "Weekly Review: Getting Things Done (GTD)," via https://productivitycast.net/045 or your favorite podcast app! Also, join us for our next Weekly Review Accountability Party #6!

Do you need a bit more accountability to get your Weekly Review done? You're not alone. One of the most-cited challenges with implementing Getting Things Done is showing up and doing the Weekly Review.

In light of this, we have a new group accountability program here for us called the Weekly Review Accountability Party (WRAP was a better acronym than using Group...and making it WRAG!). The Weekly Review Accountability Party (WRAP) is a weekly accountability working group that meets to do your Weekly Review (WR). (We may be hosting an additional WRAP at another time of the week for those who cannot do the 10:30 AM EST Fridays.)


1) Show up at the time of the Weekly Review Accountability Party (WRAP). We use Zoom, a video meeting application, to host this WRAP; you need to use the link provided below to join our digital community and you will see a "Zoom Event" link there, then 15 minutes before WRAP click on that "Zoom Event" link to download and install Zoom to connect with the group...it's free for you to do so.

2) Once you join the WRAP, start your video, and stay on video for accountability. Say hello to the group, mix and mingle before we all get started.

I suggest, if you haven't done so before, complete the GTD-Q to know where you are at: https://gettingthingsdone.com/gtd-q/. (Ray does this before every Weekly Review to help him track how well his system is keeping him in the C&C quadrant. But, you may not wish to do this weekly; that's OK.)

Ray will walk everyone through a quick introduction of the Weekly Review, we'll introduce ourselves briefly, and then everyone's microphones will be muted to get started with our respective Weekly Reviews.

3) Start your Weekly Review. Feel free to stayed muted for your audio as not to distract others, but stay on video for accountability.

We allot two hours for the event, but some will do their Weekly Review in more time, some in less time. If we get to two hours and you're still working on your Weekly Review, that's fine. The host will end the Zoom, but you should keep going to complete yours!

To RSVP for the event, please join the new Personal Productivity Club community (http://bit.ly/gtdpgh-community) and once you have you'll see the WRAP event to RSVP. You need to use the link provided to access the Zoom meeting information/link.

If you have any questions/concerns, message Ray here on Meetup, or email him via [masked].

So, let's WRAP up the week strong, with a good Weekly Review!

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