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Greetings from Gujarat Technological University (www.gtu.ac.in)!

GTU is one of the largest Technological University in India with 500,000 plus students and 17,000 plus faculties covering 95% students of Gujarat State. University has some very unique initiatives like Community Innovation and Co-Creation Center and 89 Open Source Technology Clubs are active in 500 plus GTU affiliated Colleges.

GTU Python User Group is a unique initiative by GTU which for all OSTC Clubs to build a python community around their club. This Meetup group will help other local Python developers, learners, employers, and enthusiasts of all kinds to meet under one umbrella. We welcome all skill levels. In short, if you are interested in Python, we are interested in you!

We have a number of great regular events:

Monthly presentation series:

these are longish presentations (about an hour) about topics of interest to the community. Often we also have lightning talks (5-15 minutes) also. If you have something you'd like to share with everyone, drop a line to the organizers!

Monthly informal project nights: these are a chance to sit down with other Python developers of all experience levels to push your project forward, get help with a particular trouble spot, share expertise, or do whatever else you like.

Occasional weekend workshops for beginners: This for all new students/members to your OSTC. Peer to Peer learning is what GTU Python group believes from heart and so such occasional weekend workshop by Senior students to junior students can help them enter the world of Python.

In addition to meeting face-to-face, we're on web at clubs.gtu.ac.in . Drop in any time to get questions answered or feel free to contact to :

Ms. Toral Vandara: gtu.opensource@gmail.com

Prof. Utkarsh Patel: utkarsh@gtu.edu.in

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