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Saturday September 14, 10.30 a.m.

Meet in the parking area near TOPS in Panorama Plaza on Penfield Road. (Click on "map" above for location and directions).

Easy 4 mile hike.

For any questions or for more information contact the hike leader Dick R. at 544-3387.

For a map of the first part of the trail, from Panorama Plaza, go to:

htt (http://www.penfieldrec.org/media/rec_mapIrondequoitCreekPanoramaPlazaTrail.pdf)p://www.penfieldrec.org/media/rec_mapIrondequoitCreekPanoramaPlazaTrail.pdf (http://www.penfieldrec.org/media/rec_mapIrondequoitCreekPanoramaPlazaTrail.pdf)

(But note that our group meets IN FRONT of the TOPS store).

For a map of the park go to: http://www.penfieldrec.org/media/rec_mapPhilbrickPark.pdf

For a description of the park and other links go to:


A reminder: pets are not allowed on the hikes.

Hike #5508.