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What we’re about

We are an autonomous hackerspace in Oslo.

Over the years we communally built our space and network, both physically and socially, and we're lucky enough to be economically independent and free to decide over our facilities and plans according to our members desires and initiative. We hack playfully and spontaneously, sharing ideas, knowledge and tools: we find inspiration and cooperation through human interaction, and experience tells us that either it happens this way, by tuning in and having fun, or probably it won't happen, after all. 

What we do: free software, system administration, programming, information security, arduino/raspi hacking, electronics, professional audio, ham radio, lock picking, performance art, DIY, and crafting. Our community is very curious and is also interested / engaged in wearables, mechanics, keyboards, fabrication, automatisation, creative recycling, socioeconomix, telecomix, heavy metal works, language wars, cipherpunk, cryptoparties, permaculture, social engineering, high and low voltage, robotics and data love.

Usually we meet at our room at Hausmania, in Hausmanns gate 34. Everyone is welcome. Check out our website:

A lot of our activity happens over internet relay chat: irc:// on Libera. Log in anytime for a chat... We are always awake! Check the topic to see if we are open or closed. We also always have Club Mate for sale at the space.

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