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Would you like to work on cool projects with cool people?

Do you want to get involved in Hackeriet?

Are you unsure about where to start?

Come to Hackeriet this Tuesday, get to know the people and the projects thatwe are doing together and join a project!

Joining a Hackeriet project is a great way to get more involved,to get to know other Hackeriet members and do something meaningfultogether.All project participation is voluntary and usually involves learning something!

The Hackeriet projects are not only fun but also important for the progressof the hackerspace, and are therefore bigger than the individuals that havecome up with the ideas. This is where you can make a difference by contributingyour time and skills to a project of your choosing!

We will mix Norwegian and English in such a way that noone will feel left out.

Hackeriets projekter vil bli introdusert og forklart både på engelsk og på norsk,og våre medlemmer er velkomne til å bruke det språket de er mest komfortable med.

Many of the projects are already documented at our project management site:

We use this site to track the progress of our projects.

Tuesday from 1730 till LATE, and if you can't come early,don't worry about coming late, there are many projects and fresh eyes areappreciated all day and all evening.

No registration required, just stop by and say hello!

Come join a project at Hackeriet this Tuesday!