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A virtual meetup on software internals (topics like compilers, emulators, graphics programming, web browsers, databases, operating systems, networking, distributed systems, and so on).

Hobbyists and professionals are both encouraged to present!

The goal is to get excited, break down mental barriers and to get exposed to deep technical work in a respectful and friendly environment.

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Hacker Nights August 2022

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Building a SQL VM in AVX-512 Assembly by Frank Wessels

Frank started his career by applying optimization techniques in the Medical Imaging space for 2D as well as 3D/GPU-based visualization. Seeing the latest advancements in SIMD computing on both the ARM and Intel architectures, he saw an opportunity to launch Sneller in order to fully leverage these innovations. Prior to founding Sneller, Frank was CTO at open source object storage startup MinIO.



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Hacker Nights May 2022

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