What we're about

To develop the soft skills needed to be successful in team based technology solutions.

Anyone with the hard skills programming and/or data-ing looking to build their soft skillset while working in teams to compete in hackathons, Kaggle competitions and the job search should join.

Group provides:

• Experience working with teams

• Experience in competitive formats (hackathons, Kaggle competitions)

• Training in soft skills essential to a successful data scientist/programmer (public speaking, selling your idea, team communication, networking, resume building)


• Call to Order/Introductions – 10 minutes

• Old Business – 10 minutes

• Presentations/Breakouts – 1 hr

• Networking/Misc – 20 minutes

• Closing Announcements – Remaining Time


Until further notice, meetings will be held virtually, so parking instructions are not required.

Building Access

Until further notice, meetings will be held virtually, so building access instructions are not required.

Past events (3)

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H.A.C.K. 'Founders' Meeting - Be A Founder and Provide Your Input

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