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Gojko : Impact Mapping with Innovation Games | Bierbaumer : Agile in projects

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Hi there,

We are starting a new initiative in the Silesia metropolis - Hackin' Gliwice - a mini-conference, local, at no cost, just 3 hours after work, high quality content, great venue.

The 2nd edition is dedicated to all agile enthusiasts, business owners, project managers, software development managers who want learn from the world class experts how to plan your product development to deliver the biggest value to your customers and how to make Agile methodologies successful in project delivery based on many real live examples. You can find more details below.

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Talk 1: Impact Mapping with Innovation Games

Impact Mapping is a lightweight method for strategic planning in product and project development. Although seemingly simple and intuitive, many teams fail to get the most out of it because they jump to conclusions too quickly and skip over important discussions. Gojko will talk about how to avoid common pitfalls and present two innovation games that can help you facilitate impact mapping easily, support innovative ideas and divergent thinking, and help your teams and clients make a big impact through software delivery.

Talk 2: Why Agile in projects is so challenging?

You can easily read about project methodologies all over the web. Agile, Scrum, DSDM, Waterfall… You can make changes to the way you deliver your projects based on theories and best practices readily available. The question is… can you successfully implement them? What are the pitfalls? How do you convince customers and your team? Does one size fit all? What works well for your team? To answer these questions and more we would like to share our project delivery methodology that has been fine-tuned over a number of years of practical experience that will allow you and your customers to be successful.

Discussion panel

In this section our speakers will discuss presented topics.

NGO's panel

We’ve created this conference to make positive impact on local community through education, networking, knowledge sharing. That's why we also want to give the stage to local NGO's to speak up about their world-changing activities


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Let's hack Gliwice!