Thunder Talks


Join us for our regular set of technical talks from HackLafayette members. Have a talk you'd like to present? Share a new language, framework, process, or anything else you've learned.

Thunder Talks are presentations from volunteers about a technology related topic, problem, or experience. In general, presentation lengths can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 30 minutes. First time speakers are encouraged to submit a talk and difference levels of presentation assistance are available. The audience is friendly and willing to give constructive feedback.

Propose your talk at:

We'll try to fit in as many talks as time permits. Talk slots are first come first serve.

Talk Lineup:

Enter MatchBox Studios through the door on the 6th Street side of the building. We'll be in the "Ivy Tech Conference Room", the large conference room. Message the group if you have trouble getting in or finding us.