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Introduction to Electronics (class)

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Price: $100.00 /per person
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We will teach you the basics of electronic circuits so you can achieve the two basic goals of hobby electronics: making things blink and making noise.

We’ll also explain how things work, not just how to follow instructions and follow the kit. That way you can build on your knowledge to create more advanced electronics projects. This workshop is excellent preparation for our Arduino workshops if you have no experience with electronics at all, or once knew everything but forgot it all.

Already have an idea for a project or product and are trying to learn the skills necessary to realize? There’ll be plenty of time after the workshop to get personal advice.

Hack Manhattan ( is a great place to learn electronics: we are open every Tuesday and Thursday evening. You can borrow tools and parts and talk to a wonderful and knowledgeable community of hackers. Feel free to ask if you need a refresher on a topic covered in the workshop or want to know how to get started with a new project. And we’re accepting new members, if you want to be part of the community.

Your workshop fee includes the Discover Electronics Kit (, plus a few extra bits and bobs that we think are useful.

Topics include (advanced topics only if there’s time):

The solderless breadboard Resistors and Ohm's law Lighting up an LED Switching the LED on and off Voltage dividers LED brightness and Kirchoff's voltage law Making LEDs blink The Atari Punk Console Switching large loads, DC motors The H bridge Introduction to logic Equipment

The included kit has all the parts you need. We strongly recommend that you also buy and bring a digital multimeter. Here are some cheap models that are good enough for this workshop: Adafruit (, Amazon ( Analog multimeters have some serious drawbacks and we don’t recommend them for beginners (or anyone).


No refunds, but can be transferred to someone else. Hack Manhattan member discount available if you sign up at Eventbrite (