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Electronics Night: Bipolar Transistor Theory

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Electronics Night is an irregularly scheduled study group, sometimes with a short lecture, on an intermediate or advanced topic in electronics. This session will be a repeat of our previous session on bipolar transistor theory.

The “text” will be this PCBheaven piece (

Some basic knowledge of electronics is probably helpful. The main requisite for understanding transistor theory is a willingness to read or listen carefully and to take statements at face value.

Topics we could discuss:

• The makeup of a bipolar transistor and comparison to a diode

• Various current flows in a transistor circuit

• Switching as a special case of amplification

• The hybrid parameters

• How to bias a transistor as a switch—example: to drive a relay

• How to bias a transistor as an amplifier—example: to amplify sound

• How to bias a transistor as a constant current source

• Field effect transistors

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