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JavaScript Fundamentals: Objects, Arrays and Functions

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Price: $225.00 /per person
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Come here to solidify your understanding of Objects, Arrays and Functions in JavaScript and learn the common mistakes made by beginners. This is a highly interactive course that uses exercises and projects to drive home these JS Fundamentals. You will finish with a strong foundation on one of the most important aspects of the language: objects, arrays and functions.

In addition to the instructor, TAs will be available to assist you as you work through the exercises and project.

In addition, you will have plenty of exercises and work for your project to continue practicing once you leave the class and become part of a community for beginners studying JavaScript.


Am I at the right level for this class?

This class is for budding developers with at least 2 months of JavaScript experience and have completed at least one online JavaScript tutorial like Codecademy or CodeSchool; however those with more experience also tend to get a lot out of this course.

Will food be provided?

Lunch, coffee and snacks will be provided.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, there are a limited number of need-based scholarships available. Apply here (

Will this help me get into Hack Reactor?

The JS Fundamentals is a two part series created to help you prepare to get into and succeed at Hack Reactor; however there is no guarantee and taking this class has no impact on your admissions prospects.

I can't make it this time. When will the next one be?

This class is taught every other month. Expect the next one in October.

Are there any options for remote attendance?

Unfortunately, at this time the class in only taught in-person.

Where do I direct my other questions?

Please leave them in the comments below.