• Life with GDPR - From Governance to Optimisation
    Our panel includes: John Keyes, Assistant Commissioner, Data Protection Commission Laura Bowmer, Head of Customer Engagement, Aston Martin Joe Madigan, Head of Customer Data and Retail Analytics Bank of Ireland Kate Colleary, Founder of Frontier Privacy and IAPP Country Leader for Ireland We will focus on what has happened since GDPR go-live last month and how this brave new world has impacted data management. Our panel will discuss the key challenges and opportunities we face under the new regulation, and what we can expect next. Location: Informatica Ireland 1 Windmill Lane SOBO District, Dublin 2 D02 F206 Dublin

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  • Cloud Data Warehousing and BI
    Registration for the event is here: https://www.snowflake.net/0-snowflake-dublin/ Please join Sonra and Snowflake for a 90-minute workshop where we will show you how easy it is to get started with Snowflake cloud data warehouse. We will also demonstrate some of the cool features in Snowflake such as zero copy cloning, undrop , time travel and much more. See us in action generating insights from Irish property data, enriched with data from the 2011 census and data from Open Street Map.

    DIT Grangegorman

    7 Grangegorman Lower · Dublin 7

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  • Everything you wanted to know about the DPO, but were afraid to ask!
    DAMA Ireland are delighted to announce our next free-to-attend event. Join us on Thursday, March 29th in Bank of Ireland, Grand Canal Square, for a panel discussion on the Data Protection Officer under GDPR. We have assembled a panel of industry experts to discuss: The Data Protection Officer role The Data Protection Officer responsibilities pre- and post-GDPR go-live Which organisations need a Data Protection Officer Where the Data Protection Officer fits within an organisations data governance structure The Pros and Cons of outsourcing the Data Protection Officer Role The Data Protection Officer and the Data Protection Office Please join us for networking from 6pm with the event starting at 6.45pm 6:00pm – 6:45pm: Networking 6:45pm – 6:50pm: Welcome Remarks 6:50pm – 7:10pm: Panel 7:55pm – 8:00pm: Wrap Up

    Bank of Ireland

    1 Grand Canal Square · Dublin

  • Graph Databases. Just hype, or the end of the relational world
    Graph Databases - Just hype, or the end of the relational world ? - Albert Godfrind, Spatial and Graph Expert - Oracle EMEA Modeling information as graphs is a natural and intuitive way for understanding complex relationships such as social networks or financial connections (Panama Papers). Graph databases abstract those relationships as nodes and links. They enable new powerful analytics using built-in graph algorithms and the PGQL language. Since 2015 Oracle offers a graph database with Oracle Spatial and Graph. The graphs can be stored in Oracle NoSQL, Apache HBase or an Oracle Database. The analytics are performed by an in-memory engine for optimal performance. In this paper we explain the fundamentals of property graph databases and highlight use cases where property graph implementations are superior to relational technologies. Besides looking into the architecture and query language, we show which kinds of applications can benefit from specific algorithms. We cover the conversion of relational tables to graph structures, as well as the visualization of property graph data using commercial and open source tools. And finally, we will look into a series of benchmarks based on typical datasets which have been conducted against similar technologies. Bio: The session will be covered by Albert Godfrind from Oracle Corporation. Albert has over 25 years of experience in designing, developing, and deploying IT applications. His interest and enthusiasm for spatial information and geographical information systems started at Oracle when he started using the spatial extensions of the Oracle database in 1998. Ever since, Albert has been evangelizing the use of spatial information to GIS and BI communities across Europe, consulting with partners and customers, speaking at conferences, and designing and delivering in-depth technical training. Albert is one of the authors of the first book on Oracle Spatial, "Pro Oracle Spatial - The essential guide to developing spatially enabled business applications"

    Bank of Ireland

    Hamilton Building, The University of Dublin Trinity College, College Street · Dublin

  • Google BigQuery for Data Warehousing. Raw to valuable data using Spark.
    Raw to valuable data using Spark, Parquet and Python - Barry Sheridan, Data Scientist, Tenable This talk will cover Tenables approach for converting big, messy datasets into manageable, flat datasets using Spark, Parquet and Python. It will cover the workflow surrounding starting with a compressed, messy dataset and ending up with a flat clean dataset. Along the way we will use Python to show: - conversion of a raw dataset to Parquet files - application of aggregations to Parquet files with Spark - example analysis of aggregated output to find valuable information BigQuery and the evolution of data services at Google. Kirill Evreinov, Solution Engineer, Google In his presentation, Kirill will cover the evolution of Big Data Services at Google with a focus on BigQuery. He will contrast BigQuery to traditional data warehouse solutions and finish off his presentation with a BigQuery demo and a Q&A session. Tenable are the sponsors of the event. And guys there will be Food available. Doors open: 18:00 Presentations start: 18:30


    26 Wexford Street · Dublin

  • Let's talk Kafka Streams
    Look Ma, no Code! Building Streaming Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka, Robin Moffatt, Technology Evangelist, Confluent Companies new and old are all recognising the importance of a low-latency, scalable, fault-tolerant data backbone, in the form of the Apache Kafka streaming platform. With Kafka, developers can integrate multiple sources and systems, which enables low latency analytics, event driven architectures and the population of multiple downstream systems. These data pipelines can be built using configuration alone. In this talk, we'll see how easy it is to stream data from a database such as Oracle into Kafka using the Kafka Connect API. In addition, we'll use KSQL to filter, aggregate and join it to other data, and then stream this from Kafka out into multiple targets such as Elasticsearch and MySQL. All of this can be accomplished without a single line of code! Why should Java geeks have all the fun? Highly Scalable Machine Learning in Real Time with Apache Kafka’s Streams API, Kai Wähner, Technology Evangelist, Confluent Intelligent real time applications are a game changer in any industry. This session explains how companies from different industries build intelligent real time applications. The first part of this session explains how to build analytic models with R, Python or Scala leveraging open source machine learning / deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow or H2O. The second part discusses the deployment of these built analytic models to your own applications or microservices by leveraging the Apache Kafka cluster and Kafka’s Streams API instead of setting up a new, complex stream processing cluster. The session focuses on live demos and teaches lessons learned for executing analytic models in a highly scalable, mission-critical and performant way. Free Kafka T-shirts and stickers.

    Bank of Ireland

    Hamilton Building, The University of Dublin Trinity College, College Street · Dublin

  • 404 - the ultimate tech meetup
    We're partnered with 404, the ultimate tech meetup to bring you preferential access to the event! Get inspired by thought-provoking insights on IoT, Data, Cyber, Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, VR and Games. The event is crowdsourced by and for the Irish tech community and brings together tech teams from Ireland's most innovative companies and startups. Meet the disruptors + influencers at the front lines and learn about the trends happening in tech. Get your tickets here (https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/404-tickets-35232778188?) and use the Promotional code HADOOP-IRE to get 10% off the ticket. Find more information on http://404.ie .

    Royal Hospital Kilmainham

    Royal Hospital Kilmainham · Dublin

  • Spark and Hadoop in Risk Line of Business at Bank of America
    Do you want to gain knowledge about Big Data? Do you want to dig into the field of Risk Line of Business at Bank of America? Come join us to explore these questions. Presentation 1 Andrea Fagan. The history of big data in the Risk Line of Business at Bank of America. What works and what doesn't. Presentation 2 Thomas Dunne and Graham Healy will talk about the Present and Future of Big Data in the Risk Line of Business and how they are using Hadoop, Hive & PySpark to manage big datasets and manipulations. As the seats are limited, please hurry up to register yourself. We will be providing refreshments and pizza for free. The registration starts at 18:00. A big thank you to our event sponsors Bank of America and Andrea Fagan, Assistant Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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    Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    Two Park Place, Hatch Street Upper · Dublin 2

  • Data Warehousing in the Age of Big Data - Delivering Predictive Analytics
    We are hosting our July HUG Ireland event at Bank of Ireland, Grand Canal Dock 3, Dublin 2. Event takes place from 18:00 to 20:00 Presentations start 18:30 We will have two speakers on the night. Data Warehousing in the Age of Big Data. The end of an era?, Uli Bethke, CEO, Sonra - The Data Liberation Company The traditional approach to data warehousing has served us well over the last 25 years. However, various cracks have shown up over the last decade. We as data warehouse managers, architects, and developers are faced with a multitude of problems. The data warehouse is too slow to turn around questions by the business. Anything between 3-9 months is spent to get a new subject area into the data warehouse. 80-90% of enterprise data never makes it into the data warehouse. Important business decisions are made without seeing the full picture. The digitisation of all aspects of life has led to an explosion of data volumes. Machine generated data fuels the flames of data growth. Our data warehouse is bursting at the seams. License costs are soaring. Traditional data warehouse architecture and technology does not cater well for certain workloads, e.g. unstructured data, streaming data, graph data just to name a few. In this presentation, we will describe these headaches in detail and more importantly prescribe the remedies to fix them Delivering Predictive Analytics: make the AI to do the hard work - Maciek Wasiak & Ger Harte, from Xpanse Analytics. Building Predictive Models in real life involves much more than running Machine Learning on clean datasets and typically takes months to deliver. Maciek & Ger will describe how Xpanse automated the Feature Engineering for Predictive Analytics and integrated with state-of-the-art Machine Learning tech. They will also dive into the technology stack that made it possible - Hadoop, Presto, PostgreSQL, Python and more Uli Bethke : Uli has 17 years’ hands-on experience as a consultant, architect, manager, and developer in the data industry. He frequently speaks at conferences. Uli is a regular contributor to blogs and books, holds an Oracle ACE award, and chairs the Hadoop User Group Ireland (http://www.hugireland.org/) . He is also a co-founder of the Irish chapter of DAMA, a non for profit global data management organisation. Maciek Wasiak & Ger Harte Maciek is the founder of Xpanse Analytics – a cutting edge Data Science start-up. We got so fed up with the amount of manual data prep for Predictive Analytics that we decided to build software that will do it for us. Now we get the Predictive Models from raw data in a space of few hours.

    Bank of Ireland

    1 Grand Canal Square · Dublin 2

  • Data Lakes and the Citizen Data Scientist
    We are hosting our June HUG Ireland event at Bank of Ireland, Trinity Campus Branch, Hamilton Building, Dublin 2 Event takes place from 18:00 to 20:00 Presentations start 18:30 We will have two speakers on the night. Building a Predictive Model with Alteryx – Colin Bolger, Data analytics professional at Accenture Advanced Analytics. An introduction to Predictive Analytics using Alteryx. We will move through the steps involved in building a Predictive Model and give an introduction to some great Alteryx functionalities. Towards Citizen Data Science – Ian Pepper, Head of Strategy and Integration Architecture at Novartis. Data Lakes are a hot topic in enterprise data management, however, many such projects fail or only partially deliver. So what is the secret to success in building a data lake that your users will want to use? I will share my experiences in building a data lake in the Amazon cloud, and how we opened it up to an emerging class of user, the citizen data scientist About Colin Bolger • Colin is an experienced data analytics professional. He began his analytics career with Accenture's global fraud and risk Analytics and Innovation Centre. • His role saw him work with clients in Europe, Africa and Australia to predict fraud, abuse, waste and error across multiple industries. It was in Australia that he first used Alteryx. Now back in Ireland, Colin is working with Accenture Advanced Analytics and is keen to drive the growth of Alteryx in Ireland. About Ian Pepper • Innovative and experienced technology leader of high technology companies ranging from start-ups to MNCs, over half of those at CTO level. • Strong track record in developing a product vision and translating it into technology solutions. • Highlights include awarding winning big data products at Cylon and Automsoft • Co-founder of daily deals aggregation service sift.ie and the travel service tripinquiry.com. • Holder of multiple software patents. • Led functional and project teams. Enjoys managing and developing talent in high performing teams. • Recognised expert and engaging thought leader who has written and spoken extensively on technology trends in blockchain, IoT, analytics, big data and cloud computing • Occasional lecturer and regular event speaker

    Bank of Ireland

    Hamilton Building, The University of Dublin Trinity College, College Street · Dublin