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What we’re about

Hi guys,

I guess most of you come across this group name get puzzled. What's Hakomi❓ Yes, it is a little bite rare. But I think you should had heard "mindfulness" before, right? What if mindfulness is cross over psychology? Interesting, right?

The Hakomi Method is an experiential method of bodymind therapy based on using a state of mind known as mindfulness for assisted self-study. It is a kind of quiet, non-interfering attention to present moment experience – and little experiments to evoke experiences to study. The attention in Hakomi is on present experience.( Hakomi is a kind of somatic therapytraic healing which is non-violence, quiet, and at the presence moment.

I started my Hakomi journey on 2012 and I graduated from senior second level in 2016 and has been in the deepening skill level since then. 

I would like to bring this beautiful way of self discovery method to this platform, to share with you guys, planting the seeds here.

Let's how we can unfold here......

Some related videos are available in youtube, you can get more understanding if you are interested.

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