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Mustard Seed Spin - Volunteer Event

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The Mustard Seed School will be holding it's 9th annual "Mustard Seed Spin" , you can read about the event here: .

Last year they "experimented" with a new distance and rest stop at discovery park and the Hammerin' Wheels volunteered to setup/man it, they have asked if we are willing to do this again and I said Of Course we are!!

They also have needs for course chaperones, basically you ride up and down the course on the ARBT helping and encouraging kids along the ride.

We need 6-10 people at the rest stop from aprox. 10:30am - 1:30pm, course chaperones from 8am - 2pm (any amount of time you can ride would be great). If you are able to help out please indicate in in the RSVP questions would your preference is and what times you are available.

UPDATE: Joanne has put together a form that will make it easier for me to gather up the volunteer information from the various sources I posted, so if you could please take a moment to fill out this form that would be awesome :-)

Let's get a strong HW showing at this outreach event!

Check out the pics at last year's meetup to get a feel for the festive atmosphere!!

Oh and for all of you out there on facebook, give the Mustard Seed Spin a Like at:!/mustardseedspin