Sunday Spirituality: Cafe Chat

This is a past event

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Courtyard Cafe

110 N Cate St · Hammond, LA

How to find us

Turn off Hwy 190 onto North Cate Street. The cafe is directly in front of the large, multi-row parking lot, with four breakfast tables outside the door. Look for us inside, at the table with the lotus candle! No GPS? Lost? Call them at (985) 956-7411

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Join us for general discussion on spirituality and intuition! We were going to discuss psychic phenomena as our main topic, but since August is a busy month with lots of transition, let's leave it open to whatever we feel like, and just gather. :) We'll listen to each other's stories and experiences, and learn about other beautiful ways of being in the world. We've got our standard two hours, plus an additional hour from 5-6pm for anyone who still wants to stay and chat, so come pull up a chair!

We will meet again at the Courtyard Cafe in Hammond's historic district, which offers everything from coffee to tea to lemonade, to Hawaiian shaved ice, to fresh crêpes made right in front of you, omelettes, fruit bowls, and more. There are several rows of parking in front of the building, on all sides, and everything is wheelchair accessible. I'll be at the table with the lotus candle, reserved just for us!


"You keep up to the millisecond on every news item, every opinion, every cultural micro trend. But do you have any concept of what it all means?

You’re highly connected to servers, routers, networks, and data. How deeply connected are you staying to the people in your life?

You can instantly express momentary whims using hundreds of clever emojis. When was the last time you wrote a long, heartfelt letter offering a glimpse into the yearnings of your soul?

It’s nice, exciting, useful to go far and wide. Yet that breadth is of little value if it is not accompanied by depth.

Seeing everything, knowing everything, having everything, going everywhere, will not provide the fulfillment you seek. That requires a sustained investment of your time, your effort, your focus, your love.

Information is powerful, sensation is compelling, yet you are capable of, and hungry for, so much more. Set aside time to think, to consider, to focus, to discuss at length, to give deep richness and meaning to the life you live."

— The Daily Motivator, by Ralph Marston

(Copyright © 2019 Ralph S. Marston, Jr. All Rights Reserved. Posted with permission under "Posting to newsgroups, listserves, electronic bulletin boards, message boards and discussion groups only under certain conditions.")


Organizer Notes:
_____ If you attended last time and were bothered by the noise, rest assured that I've asked to use their quieter section. Still indoors, but less whirring and buzzing!
_____ The RSVP feature is to tell me to save your spot. It costs money to run these events and I won't pay for no-shows, but I also don't want to start charging event fees. So any "event spammers" (those accounts on every Meetup that continually RSVP but never attend) will eventually be removed from the group to make room for our active members to RSVP and plan their attendance. Thank you for this consideration!
_____ If you joined the group at any time before this event posted, check out our main group homepage for the added mission statement!
_____ We have people skilled in tarot, astrology, dream interpretation, mediumship, and more, who help with our events on these topics. Do you have a particular spiritual skill set? Can you bring something to the table? Let me know at the end of our meeting!

See you soon!
- Viktoria