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    Welcome to the new Happy Hour Chasers Meetup Group ! The HHC group is now under new management and now has two new Co-Organizers-Shawn Shelton and Carrie Welsh.

    Carrie and I would like to welcome all the current members of HHC and wish to reach out to everyone to understand the goals for this group and what we stand for.

    We would like to keep it simple, no long disclaimers or set of rules should be needed, as we are all adults and expect everyone, including their + 1’s, to behave as such during any meetup event.

    HHC is about the gathering of people on Thursday's that share the same interests to mingle, share ideas and laughs, have a drink, relax, and escape.

    We want everyone to come and have fun, meet old friends and new, and possibly enjoy some music as well. Carrie is like me and brings a great love of great music and concerts, so we will be introducing more HHC events that include music along with good friends and drinks.

    What we don’t want is MU drama or to create a cliquish environment. We would like to create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome and being friendly is commonplace.

    If you attended a past MU with HHC and weren’t quite sure it was for you, please try another event with HHC and see what you can discover.

    When you do attend an event, please make a point to come meet myself or Carrie as we want to get to know everyone and welcome them to the group. We will try our best to keep an eye out for you too!

    If you have a favorite place from a past meetup or someplace new you'd like to try, let us know - we are open to all new ideas for events. We are also open to comments of why you didn't think a particular place was a good choice in the past.

    Many of you don’t know that being in charge of a Meetup group is not free. Bummer, right? There is a notable annual fee, which Carrie & I are paying out of pocket. For both Carrie and I, we actually spend 2 or 3 times more on drinks and food at all these events than we do the annual Meetup fee.

    While we LOVE organizing so that we all can have a fun thing to do each week, we would like your help in keeping the group going.

    This will be completely voluntary – you either choose to participate or you don’t – no judgments attached! For the first Meetup of every month, you will see a pop-up where you can opt to donate a dollar or more to the cost of the group. Or, if you prefer just to buy one of us a drink, that works too! Any and everything will be appreciated!

    Welcome to the new Happy Hour Chasers Meetup Group !! We look forward to seeing you,

    Carrie Welsh and Shawn Shelton

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