What we're about

Drinks, investment ideas and topical books. What could be better? Welcome to Orange County's best place to have a smart conversation about investing! Each meeting we'll pick a classy joint to hang out in as we knock back some adult beverages and discuss the books we've been reading and the moves we've been making in the markets.

Rules (for now):

1) You can read what other members are reading or read whatever you want.

2) We are generally going to limit our sphere of books to: Business, Economics, Finance, Investing, Political Economy, Stocks, Bonds, Analysis, Biographies of Important People, etc...

3) We'll (generally) meet during Happy Hours.

4) We'll ask each person that finishes a book to give a 5-minute book review to start a group discussion at each meeting.

5) We'll encourage each member to bring a couple books in order to do a book swap with someone. {5-minute Book Review} Whatever you want to talk about, like : - Did you like the book? - What didn't you like abut the book? - What did you learn? - Would you recommend it?

Then we'll have a free-wheeling, wide-ranging discussion. We've started a list on Amazon. http://amzn.com/w/3THV825SH0TG1

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