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We did this tour with our assistant a while ago and so we are doing it again. Please only RSVP if you are 100% certain that you can go.

This event was originally created by our great assistant Patrick!

Please only RSVP if you are 100% certain that you can go. Here is an opportunity to try your hand at architectural, street and other forms of photography. Now is a chance to improve your skills and take it to the next level. This is the route that we'll take:MAP (

Where: City Hall Park By the Fountain
Location: 52 Chambers St
When: August 24th
Time: 2pm (don't be late)
Max People: 50

Cost: FREE

Level: ALL

What to wear: Dress to be out and about walking
What to bring: Your camera

What's included?
- An amazing day out
- Learning a bit about your camera
- Meeting new friends

How will it work?
1 pm - We start at City Hall Park (located at City Hall obviously), by the fountain. The fountain is quite photogenic as well as the flowers, monuments and art work located throughout the park. We will stay there for about 30 minutes and then move on to our next spot. If you notice that everyone is gone, head over to the next location.

1:30 pm - Our next stop is St. Paul's courtyard and take some pictures of the grave sites as well as memorials. This will be a leisurely stroll lasting approximately 20 minutes as we walk about 4 blocks to our next site 2:50 pm - our next location is Trinity church and take pictures along the block and behind the church. Alexander Hamilton's grave is located here (His face is on the $10 bill)

2:00 pm - Across the street is the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall where we will stay for about 10 minutes.

2:25 pm - Bowling Green Park to rest up and snap a few pictures (the train station structure is quite photogenic, statues across the street, interesting architecture, etc...)

2:45 pm A short distance away is The Sphere in Battery Park

3:00 pm Castle Clinton will be our next stop, the Korean War Memorial is located inside.

3:20 pm the final destination is the shoreline of Battery Park facing the Statue of liberty in the distance and boats sailing off. just remember, the entire tour is just over 1 mile and will last approximately 2 hrs. We will not wait for stragglers so if you want to stay with the group, adhere to the time schedule. (Note: if you want to linger at a favorite location, feel free to photograph a little more and catch up with us later) Also, there are a number of other sites to see along the route (Woolworth bldg, St. Paul church yard, etc...) Hope to see you there. (

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