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There are so many amazing products in the world of virtual reality, augmented reality, fashion, robotics, and more. The best way to understand and see the potential of an unreleased product/prototype is to demo the product in action. Because talking about the innovativeness about a product is like dancing about architecture. Our meetups are meant to be more fun and social in order to bridge the world of geeks and non-geeks who don't want to listen to a developer talk.

The style of our meetups is pitch nights where developers and entrepreneurs give 5 minute elevator pitches about their products. Each meetup has 6 products being pitched for a period of half an hour with the remainder of the time for people to mingle while demoing the cool products. Products that inspire imagination. All products pitched and demoed at our meetups have a consumer focus, are not on the mass market, and have a hardware style component (no apps or software demos).

This serves as a way for hardware entrepreneurs to pitch their concepts to a wide audience while also getting feedback,

Our first meetup will be in a Shark Tank style pith sessions with demoing and presenting companies pending. Questions to presenters will come from regular attendees.

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