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Gator/Birding Hike at Brazos Bend (9 or 14 miles)

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I want us to do a series of Brazos hikes throughout the summer so we can get a chance to see the changing scenery as well as the biodiversity. Brazos is a great place to see the cycle of life in motion. The last hike we did let us witness Turtles laying eggs. Spoonbills and Bitterns were just starting to arrive. Yellow Crowned Night Herons were waiting for the upcoming tadpole and crawdad feast.

Now we should be seeing more spoonbills, and the Night Herons should be gorging on crawdads. The tadpoles will be coming soon. We should see black bellied whistling duck heads poking out of nest boxes, and if we're lucky we may start seeing ducklings. Egrets are hatching, and we'll keep our eyes peeled for nests. Alligator females are still building nests and laying eggs.

Brazos is where alligators are put out to pasture, and it is full of big ones! You have never experienced anything like this before. All of the photos shown here were taken by me on my many frequent trips to this park. It is my favorite wildlife park in Texas.

Lesser Bittern

Brazos also has a spectacular bird population making it a birder's paradise

Juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron

After meeting at Gander Mountain at 8:00am, we will carpool into the park together, meet at the Parking lot by the Nature Center, and set out on our hike at 8:45. We will explore Creekfield Lake, Hale Lake, 40 Acre Lake, and Elm Lake. You will see alligators up close and personal on this hike, and the birding will also be terrific. If it were up to me we would be there when the gates open so we get the first crack at the wildlife...but I won't torture you all with a 7am meet time. :-)

The last time we hiked Brazos we saw a few dozen gators, and some of those were a pretty impressive size...12 feet or so. I promise to get you up close and personal to a couple if you like. :-) See you there!

This guy hopped out of the water and trotted across the trail in front of me.

Adult Yellow Crowned Night Heron