Past Meetup

Volunteer for 2 hrs at a no-kill animal rescue on Christmas day


The organization we will be volunteering at will be LOH. You can walk dogs or socialize cats.

Lost Our Home Pet Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2008 as a grassroots response to the thousands of pets in need as a result of the economic downturn in general, and the Phoenix-area foreclosure crisis in particular.

LOH is the only organization in the Valley

dedicated to rescuing pets abandoned, or at risk of homelessness, due to

foreclosure, eviction, or other financial hardship. The most

obvious recipients of our assistance are the pets we rescue, re-home, and feed;

however, the mission of LOH is linked directly to the human-animal bond.

In the first 5.5 years of opening we have rescued

over 2,600 cats and dogs, fed approximately 12,000 more through our food bank

(allowing them to remain with their families) and paid thousands of dollars in

medical for our financial aid and spay/neuter program.

No children. You will need to sign a waiver. Please be on time so we can get started and the shelter manager doesn't have to repeat information multiple times. I will have this posted on another meetup group so please don't rsvp on both groups.

The most IMPORTANT thing is don't be a no-show. Respectfully change your rsvp if you cannot attend as I will have a limit on this meetup and it only hurts the animals when you don't show. Thank you.