Past Meetup

Thai food then $2 movie on Tuesday with movies updated


Yupha's has been voted Best Thai food in the best of Phoenix

I should be there around 515 please show up whenever you can we are usally here until 7 if you need to contact me my number is 4805604315
FYI the thai place opens at 5pm and also if you are going to the movie
they only accept cash
Last time was so good and I am craving thai food again
Come and join me at for Dinner & Movie or just come for one.

It is at Pollack Movie theater next door and I will post the movies that week when they post them. And you decided what movie you want to go to and I let you know who else is going to that Movie

12 Years a Slave R - 2 hr 14 min - Drama, 7:15

3 Days to Kill
PG-13 - 1 hr 57 min - Action, 7:00

Frozen PG - 1 hr 42 min - Animated 7:10

Monuments Men PG-13 - 1 hr 58 min - Drama 7:40

Need for Speed PG-13 - 2 hr 12 min - Action, 6:50

Ride Along PG-13 - 1 hr 39 min - Comedy, 7:25