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Share Your Struggle-space for you to share or cry if you need (all welcome)

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Share Your Struggle-space for you to share or cry if you need (all welcome)


Do you have things you are struggling with but just don't want to burden anyone with? Do you feel bad about the fact that you are not stronger and feel like people would think you 're being whiny or a complainer and that your problems aren't really big enough or important enough compared to warzones or natural disasters' impact?
Or maybe you're trying to be there for others more than for yourself and you never have a moment to allow yourself that healing space that your heart is so much yearning for...?

If any of these is true to you, come and join the Sharing for Healing Space.

This is your go to place to be together with others, feel less alone and get things off your chest in an effort to destigmatize struggle and fulfill that inner need to be listened to...

The way this intimate (no more than 11 people) Sharing for Healing space meetup works is that each person is given a stage for max 5mins, during that time no-one is allowed to interrupt them or comment on what they are saying. In a similar fashion to AA meetings, we form a circle and we hold space for you to unload things you don't know where to put, you don't want to burden your friends with, you don't want to worry your parents or you don't want to drag your partner down. After each sharing everyone has to clap for the person and celebrate them for being there and sharing. Until we are all done you can request feedback on your sharing.

The idea is that instead of feeling shame or inadequate while we are suffering or not feeling good about our lives, we will come together in an effort to celebrate you for opening up and in that way there will be a natural healing taking place along with the light coming into your being dismantling the shame and somehow lessening the struggle...
This Healing Space is here for you to give you what everyone wants the most, to be heard, seen, acknowledged and accepted unconditionally the way they are in the now.

Remember that vulnerability creates the best bonding and opens our hearts without any filter, so you might even create some great and valuable connections in this space and let yourself to be you in the now.. what a healing gesture to yourself..

Also, we think that the way to go about it is to only go out or talk to others when we are thriving and only share when things are going well, when in fact that's rarely ever the case, and we bond best over sharing our struggles with open hearts and helping lend ear to each other when we are in struggle.

Also, the struggles can be beautifully tackled collectively as most of the advice for loneliness is personal, which in turn makes the lonely person feel as if it's their fault and there is something wrong with them. With all of us being most scared of being judged or presenting as struggling, what a better way to come out that to share what we fear the most.

Once its off our chest and the people around respond in compassion, acceptance and care, it's only uphill from there on..

I am here to make a difference and remove any personal shame that we may be feeling around our struggles and create a healing space so much needed in our lives.

Healing Space - Meetup Group
Healing Space - Meetup Group
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