What we're about

Before I start any description let me clear you that this group is non profit group and there is no marketing and any other activities are related to this group.

This group is purely based to help the World to be free from Depression,anxiety ,Panic and hopeless life.

We all human are so strong and having strength in us to overcome ,Fight the situation and achieve only that we need to understand and believe in one's self.

Also we are here in this world and HUMANITY is our Purpose not only to sleep eat earn and die in the end.

I have been terrible time in my life was about to suicide with being hopeless and than i learnt and Understand what i am actually going through is not the weak situation of life its within me that's called when our brain will close and our souls get blind and then we started to have depression ,panic anxiety and all.

and many people start thinking about being possessed,Magic etc etc which is another debate for later discuss.REMEMBER ONLY YOUR BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF SHOULD BE STRONG ENOUGH TO FIGHT WITH ANY OBSTACLE.

we scare to share our very own personal life and things and we don't communicate and we don't trust easily,

believe me communication and being honest is key element to get rid and to heal and also forgive others.

This group i am making to connect with those and we will have weekly session as per people availability for one and one session and group discussion and i assure you that your privacy is my main purpose and help you to heal and discuss.

Help me to heal People and we have to heal each other as we have only 1 live not 9 lives.

any of suggestion and any time you can contact me.

Be Blessed and Smile :)

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Fujairah Beach near sandy Hotel

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