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To bring like-minded people together who have a desire to feel and look their best at any stage of life.

For those who have an interest in attending workshops, seminars, and events that promote health and wellness.

Enjoy participating in activities that facilitate health and wellness.

Have an open mind to understand more about alternative medicines and therapies, energy healing, essential oils, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, health coaching, healing practices etc.

Those who have knowledge and expertise in subjects related to health and wellness that would both like to extend their knowledge, and/or facilitate a meetup for this group.

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Transformational Breathing Workshop

Therapy Life Centre

Holding our breath, shallow breathing, catching our breath sudden sighs, breathlessness all signs that our breathing is not how it should be. Illness is always combined with poor breathing patterns. Breath work is how we release so much . If we hold our breath when shocked what happens when we release our breath. Breathing is talked about in so many areas. The importance of deep breathing but very little time if any is spent learning how to really breath well. So this is where this workshop steps in and what a workshop it is. Open your breath and expand your life Diving deep into this workshop giving you the way to harness the power of conscious breathing, a technique to alleviate stress, fatigue and deal with negative emotions such as anger, depression and frustration, leaving you to feel calm, balanced and relaxed. Breathing is something we are all naturally given and yet the majority of us have forgotten to breathe fully. We have been taught from an early age to control our feelings and emotions, and as a result our muscles contract and our breathing patterns become restricted. The impact on our mental, emotional and physical well-being is enormous. This workshop will give you the way to harness the power of conscious breathing, a technique to alleviate stress, fatigue and deal with negative emotions such as anger, depression and frustration, leaving you to feel calm, balanced and relaxed. Gaining an understanding of how to connect to our breath and encourage its natural rhythms, we can orchestrate the body, mind and soul, to live life to the fullest, find emotional freedom and the best of all feel EMPOWERED Investment £35 Contact[masked]

Morgan’s Magical Journey for ages 16+ Deep Meditation Sessio

An evening of guided meditation for adults, Kieron brings his years of experience to take you on a deep journey helping you to come out of your "monkey mind " and get to a place of deep relaxation Morgan’s magical journeys give you the chance to unplug from the rigours of your everyday and spend a little time for yourself to help you to relax, release and recharge - ready to face the rigours of everyday life, brighter and happier. Each magical journey is unique, a guided meditation intended to reignite and remember the beauty and magic of your imaginations; whether it be travelling through the cosmos on the back of a Dragon, or lying in a forest pool listening to songs of the ancient Mothers whilst the Faerie folk dance around you, Morgan’s magical journeys will take you on a journey without or within yourself to help soothe your fractious soul. So if you have the time and the inclination, why not join us on a magical, mystical journey that could be to anywhere in our imagination, all without having move an inch. Your investment £15 Contact[masked]

Morgan’s Magical Journey for Chidren 8-11years

Therapy Life Centre

Parents Welcome Morgan magical journey is a fabulous meditation session where storytelling and visualisation is used to help your child relax and rest their overactive nervous system. This session is a perfect way to end the summer holidays and prepare for the new school year. Kieron Morgan using his years of experience with all ages of school children combines these beautiful techniques to help your child feel ready. Investment £10 Contact[masked]

Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Recognise Your Needs and Then

Therapy Life Centre

Did you know if you really connect with the rhythm of your menstrual cycle you can find your superpower? By recognising the shifts in your energy you learn to rest when you need and utilise the time when your energy is in full flow. By working with your natural cycle rather than against it you can achieve much more while staying healthy and happy. Learning how to sync your cycle with your life is an incredible self-care tool, a way to recognise your needs and know how to get them met. In this workshop Alison will help you to explore your own natural rhythm and how to become in-tune with it. Investment £25 Contact[masked]

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Ecstatic awakening Dance

Therapy Life Centre

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