• Friday Happy Hour at the Red Lion

    The Red Lion

    It may be raining but there is so much to be happy about! Here are a few from our perspective: -Warm weather here at last!!! -More money coming into healthtech in NYC than anywhere in the world -Your Health 2.0 NYC / MedStartr Community is one of the largest and most active in the world and is based RIGHT HERE in NYC. - MedStartr Venture Fund II made it's first investment yesterday, doubling down on our first investment from Fund I in rapidly growing Emergency Medicine Innovation Twiage! (Big thanks to my brother Jon Fair who has joined our team bringing his finance background to MedStartr Ventures!) This will be our 4th event this month and all have been epic! We have done over 160 events over the last decade and are doing more all the time all around the world. This community is all about helping new medical innovations succeed - so if you are looking for new ideas or have new idea, come talk with us! Here are some of the people we have met lately, many of whom will be coming by tonight, and how they can help: Megan Cress - Codable Capital - Want to tokenize your shares and offer them up to the public? Then Megan and her Codable Capital innovation is a new solution for that - learn more about her here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/2megan/ Stefan Dienstag -Upward / WeWork - Startup Scout - We first met Stefan in New Orleans where he helped run the Propellor Accelerator. Now he is back in NYC and will be happy to hear how he can help. Claudia Sandino - Hashtagit Media - From lululemon to some of the world's largest banks, Claudia has run social for top brands and is happy to help startups too! Check her out on Insta - over 10K followers there - not easy to do! https://www.instagram.com/hashtagit/ ... and so many others - amazing innovation seeking physicians like Sunita Parajuli, Ron Razmi, Samantha Nazareth, and Aditi Joshi; hospital leaders like Clarence Bell, Jon Gordon, Brent Stackhouse; Partners like George Mathews and Bruce Kaufman; Innovators like John Hui (Twiage), John McKenna and Rohit Joshi; and investors like MedStartr Ventures (Jon & Alex Fair), Andrea Liu, Dan Rothman and Guarav Mehta... This is our crowd and if you are into healthcare innovation - this is your crowd too! Come join us and let's celebrate over ten years driving innovation together! Here are a few conversation starters for tonight (in no particular order:) >Can I buy you a drink? -> What should my social media strategy be to blow my brand up (Claudia)? --> Can I buy you another drink? -> How exactly do I tokenize my offering (Megan)? ---> Are those Wings really hot and only six bucks? -> Tell me more about the MedStartr Accelerator you are doing in July. ----> I am interested in the design and development of MedStartr.com for greater engagement, here are some ideas... --> Where exactly does MedStartr start and H2NYC end? Ever heard of the idea of having a single brand (Alex)? -> I think our next event should be... -> Have you heard the new Billie Eilish song (it's awesome!)? Okay, see you in a few hours. Feel free to message / follow us on social media (@MedStartr / @alexbfair) to see where we are headed if coming after 8 (when happy hour ends) #MEDSTARTR I know some folks are planning on going earlier - if so then just tweet #MedStartr with a pic of yourself and where you are. Happy Friday! Alex and the H2NYC / MedStartr Team

  • AI in Healthcare: Hope or Hype?



    The promise of AI in healthcare is enormous but what is really being created and implemented and how is it improving care for patients, helping professionals provide great care, reducing costs, and improving outcomes? Join us to hear about new companies in the space and hear from experts. Startups: apply to pitch at http://bit.ly/MedMoWT Panelists and Pitch Contest Judges: Tech: Melissa Honour, IBM Watson, Artificial Intelligence Portfolio Lead. Learn more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mhonour/ Business: Joseph Gough, Board Director, Sonic Ventures; Managing Partner at ITC Health and Former EVP Innovation at Remedy Health. 3 time exit entrepreneur in Digital Health. Learn more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/joegough/ Clinical: Samantha Nazareth, MD, Gastroenterologist, Writer, TV & Radio Commentator on digital, nutritional, and gut health, MedStartr Mentor and practicing seeking AI innovations for her practice. Insta: @drsamnazareth Website: http://drsamnazareth.com Latest post: https://www.drsamnazareth.com/new-blog/2019/1/29/ces-2019-first-experience-a-review-of-digital-health-and-healthcare-technology Entrepreneur: Aaron Jun Head of Marketing + Patient Recruitment at http://clarahealth.com. Clara Matches Patients to Clinical Trials with the help of AI. All of the above: Dr. Rahul Remanan Physician, Investor, CEO and Chief Imagination Officer at Moad Computer which builds AI solutions, deep-learning servers, federated/private and public cloud applications, primarily for healthcare and finance enterprise clients Moderator: Estrella Jaramillo, Cofounder, B-wom, Author of this article in Forbes on Sex and AI in addition to creating one for Women's health herself. Twitter: @estrellajrios | Insta: estrellajrios Company: http://b-wom.com/ Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/estrellajaramillo/2019/02/14/app-uses-ai-to-spice-up-valentines-day/#535540de49e1 Your Host: Alex Fair, Founder http://MedStartr.com, Managing Member at MedStartr Ventures (http://MedStartr.vc), Organizer of this meetup group (Health 2.0 NYC or MedStartr.nyc) since 2010. Early Stage Companies Approved to Pitch so far: Vincent Cocito, Co-Founder, http://inspiren.com Aaron Jun, Clara Health http://clarahealth.com Brandon Daniell, CEO, Dialog Health, http://DialogHealth.com Alauddin Bhuiyan, CEO, http://iHealthScreens.com Apply to pitch your AI innovation at http://bit.ly/MedMoWT Stay Tuned, more coming! Agenda: 6:00 -Meet Tweet and Greet #H2NYC with light, healthy snacks and beverages (maybe not as healthy) 6:15 - Opening by Alex Fair and Estrella Jarmillo 6:25 AI Innovations Startups - 5-minute pitches 7:20 - Networking Break 7:45 - Panel Discussion on AI - Hope or Hype 8:30 - Networking 9:30 - After Event at Windfall, downstairs Think you have what it takes, email us at events @ MedStartr.com and tell us why for this or our next events in NYC and around the world! For Startups: http://bit.ly/MedMoWT and tell us about your innovation (Note, MedStartr Venture Fund often invests in companies that win our pitch contests) For Potential Panelists and Experts in Healthcare: Please sign up to be a mentor on MedStartr at http://about.medstartr.com/mentors or email us if you want to be part of our amazing, empowering, and super cool global community centered on healthcare innovation. For everyone interested in healthcare innovation: Are you already a member of our global healthcare innovation community? If not, please join our crowd at http://MedStartr.com/global and get involved! See you there!

  • Healthcare Happy Hour

    Elsie Rooftop

    The weather is getting nice and many folks are in from out of town, so let's have a Friday afternoon social! Let's get together and have some fun and start the weekend right - talking Health Tech! See you there and wear your #pinksocks if you have 'em! Depicted above was a group shot down in Austin a few weeks ago with Kistien Monkhouse (Patient Orator), Andrew (don't recall - it was SXSW you know), Ashish Patel of CareSet, Alex Fair (me!), Aline Noizet (Salut 2.0), Lauren Weiniger (TheSafeApp), Jen Horonjeff (Savvy.coop), Rasu Shrestha and the inimitable Nick Adkins (#Pinksocks dude.)

  • #Health #Innovation #Flashmob

    The Roosevelt Hotel

    A few of our Mentors, Startup CEOs and Investors are meeting up tonight. Short notice, we know, but come join us if you like. Always fun. MedStartr.com, for example, was invented at our first #Healthcare #Gameification #Flashmob with the help of a few amazing folks like you!

  • #SXSW #MEDSTARTR Week-long #Flashmob

    Austin Convention Center

    Hey Folks, Many of us will be in Austin starting tomorrow and true to MedStartr / H2NYC form we always love traveling in a crowd. Register here if you are at South by Southwest this week and next, tell us what you are doing there. Include in your answer below "Text Me" if you want to be in one where the MedStartr H2NYC crowd will be at any time and for access to events and after parties that will be off the hook! Note, there is no specific time and place for this event as it is actually a series of events. Register here and tell us your social media and we will tag you and we wil include you as much as we can. Also note we have a film crew following us around a good bit, so be part of the show too maybe? Insta or Tweet to #MEDSTARTR or @MedStartr or @alexbfair or any of the folks who register and and we will hit you back. See you there! Alex and the MedStartr / H2NYC team

  • H2NYC at JPM / CES

    242 O'Farrell St

    These events go over several days in two cities. We will change the location of the individual places we are meeting. CHeck back often and pay attention and be in the know! Monday 1/7 6:00 PM MATTER Polslenili Event at Bartlet hall 242 Farrel Street Register Link: https://sites-polsinelli.vuturevx.com/19/1144/landing-pages/register.asp? We all generally see each other out in California, Join this event and we will know to look for each other and be able to find each other easier. We will also host a few tweetups where we will take a group photo and tweet them out under the #H2NYC or #MedStartr hashtags. See you there!

  • Holiday Party



    Join us for our Annual Holiday Party. This year we are co-hosting at our offices, accelerator space and co-working space on 39th Street, Rent24 (formerly Spark Labs.) Come party with us, have amazing drinks by our MIR (Mixologist in Residence) Avisha Nessavier, CEO of Birya Biotech and party down with teh Healthcare Innovation Crowd. Your cover charge includes Avisha's creations, beer, wind and snacks. Thank you for being part of MedStartr / H2NYC! See you Soon and Happy Holidays! Best Regards, Alex, Avisha, Juby, Donna, Lois, Deanna, and the MedStartr / H2NYC gang

  • MedStartr Momentum 2018 at NODE Digital Medicine Conference

    (Note, this conference starts on the 5th but due to meetup perpetually making their site worse, there is no way to feature the afterparty on top othe rthan to change the date, so we work around...) With so many conferences in NYC in December, we decided to join forces with other great organizations in New York rather than run a separate conference. Specifically, we are working with NODE Health on their Digital Medicine Conference and as always, we also encourage you to check out the HITLAB conference too. For our part, we will be running two pitch contests on Day 1 of NODE's Digital Medicine Conference: https://www.digitalmedicineconference.com/ For those that registered here, your tickets will be honored at the combined MedMo18 / NODE Health Digital Health Conference Want to get on stage? Apply to pitch here: https://medstartr.wufoo.com/forms/medmo-world-tour-20182019-apply-to-pitch/ All Applications will be reviewed by the NODE Health Hospital Innovation Leaders and MedStartr Investment Review Committees of investors. Winning teams will: - Be considered for investment in our fund which typically invests from 50,000 to 250,000 and accelerates companies rapidly - Receive a free ticket to 2018 and 2019 NODE/MedMo Conferences - Present to the NODE.Health Board of Hospital Innovation leaders during the regular monthly call Learn more about the NODE.Health Conference and get tickets with a 30% discount code MEDMO30 here: https://www.digitalmedicineconference.com/ Thanks to Ashish Atreja, MD and Megan Antonelli, and the NODE Health Team for partnering with MedStartr / Health 2.0 NYC in this event.

  • MedMo / NODE Digital Medicine Conference After Party

    We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a post MedMo/ NODE Digital Medicine Conference After Party for networking and to meet the winners of the MedMo18 pitch contests. Meet the MedStartr Ventures portfolio teams that are changing healthcare! 6:30 - Meet Tweet and Greet with some of the most interesting people in healthcare innovation, health snacks and some less healthy beverages - Tweet and follow the action on twitter with hashtag #MedMo 7:15 - Meet the Winners of the MedMo / Node Pitch Contests and portfolio companies and hear what they are doing to change healthcare faster 7:45 - We will pull out the disco ball, put on some music and see what happens. Should be fun! Attendance is free with your NODE Digital Medicine Conference Badge and only $20 for H2NYC community members! If you want to join us at the conference please go to http://digitalmedicineconfernce.com and use Promo Code MEDMO30 for 30% off. See you there! Alex and the MedStartr Ventures and H2NYC team

  • Dance Dance Healthcare Revolution!

    Spark Labs


    By Popular demand our mid-year Social this year will be a dance party! Come dance the night away with the Healthcare Innovation Crowd in NYC! True to our Healthcare Revolutionary roots, we will also host brief startup pitches and portfolio company demos (see http://medstartr.vc/portfolio. Startup: Apply to Pitch! Startups apply at http://bit.ly/MedMoApply or better yet - enter the AMIA 2018 PitchIT! Challenge running on MedStartr today at http://medstartr.com/AMIA2018 and you can pitch here too - Deadline 10/3 so get a move on! 25K cash prizes for the AMIA challenge too. At our last Healthcare Revolution Dance party the teams went on to raise over 400 million dollars in the next year and included Misfit Wearbles, Avado, CareSet and more, so do not delay, apply today! What your entrance fee gets you: In addition to a great time with a ton of other folks interested in healthcare innovation, your ticket price also covers the cost of Drinks, Snacks, Music, Dancing, pitches and more! You can BYOB as well. We will have shot glasses. Check out the Playlist! A bunch of us are collaborating on the playlist using Spotify (see link below). Y It is evolving, so add your favorite dance songs! https://open.spotify.com/user/1250648222/playlist/0dDV2YM4AkutlLNoIopOmi?si=_NxcW7mATvCC2wG6-oSojA) Big thanks to our members and co-organizers who inspired and enabled this event. Thanks Avisha, Ronald, and Sam! Space is limited so reserve your spot today!